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Welcome to Japan

Guess there is no better way to start this than just to jump in, after all, that is the only way I know how to start anything; dive into to the deep end and let’s see if I don’t drown. At least that is what I did when I left my home in Las Vegas […]

Alas, Delta Treats Me Like Gold

2 Words-LOYALTY PROGRAM. I would say that I am a loyal person, I would also say I am more loyal to those that give me perks!! I am a Medallion Sky Miles member and am extremely faithful. I fly no one else but Delta or a SkyTeam Member. So when I finally hit Gold Status I wanted to […]

Oh the Decisions!

I just realized that I will be able to leave from Dubai on the 10th of Jan if I wanted to. Can you imagine the oversight if I hadnt figured that out!!! My dilema now is that I love Dubai, but the flight to the States is 15 hours long. Actually, Im not sure if I […]

January Birthday Bash 2012 beginnings

Planning a vacation can be extremely strenuous and time-consuming. Especially if it’s a group trip, You want to do everything that YOU want to do, yet still make the trip fun for everyone else. Right now I am planning my next 21 day vacation. I will be turning 28 Years Old and wanted to do something BIG!! […]

Love, MistyPooh

Dating has always been about the adventure of meeting someone new and getting to know them on an intimate level, ultimately trying to find the one person that is right for you… On the other hand Flirting is the act of toying with an object with no serious intentions of really being there forever… I […]