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Travel Quote of The Day

“Everything I was I carry with me. Everything I will be lies waiting on the road ahead.” Whether your passion is to travel and experience the wonders of the world, to be an innovator and create the new “IT” thing or simply touch a persons life for the better… Your journey only begins once you […]

Hair Knot, Waste Not!

When traveling, its essential to remember all the minor details. I checked and doubled checked for socks, undies, toiletries and Undies… Yes I always triple check for the unmentionables! lol However something as simple as a Hair Tie I forgot! FORGOT. Completely slipped my mind, maybe due to the fact I am rocking this fabulous […]

Morning Skies…

I am sitting on the terrace of my Riad watching the sky streak in magnificent oranges purples and deep blues as the sun rises over Morocco. It’s absolutely gorgeous, John Legend is crooning in my ears as I type this. The emotion that I am embodied by is I am Blessed. Blessed beyond measure. The […]