Boozy Brunch Sundays!!!

Weekends are the pinnacle of a tough week. Those who trudged through a crappy Monday through Friday accomplishing tasks that are tedious, menial and truly not thrilling. Weekends are Gods way of saying “I know my child! I know grown up life sucks dirty ball water… HOWEVER COMMA I am blessing you with this amazing treat dubbed Boozy Brunch Sundays”. Who loves a great brunch? THIS GIRL. I absolutely love bottomless anything lol Sundays are the days that you get dressed in a trendy outfit and head to a restaurant that will ply you with bottomless alcoholic goodness and amazing breakfast treats.

Guess what?? We did just that:

Today we ate at Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar for their Sunday Brunch. I love the Rustic Eclectic style of this restaurant and the staff is always soo accommodating. Our Mimosas really were bottomless. The glasses never got less than halfway full of the orange bubbly goodness. Go #teamnowater. I ordered the Loco Moco, which is a Hawaiian breakfast mix of Rice, Medium Eggs, Gravy and some lime. It was very yummy with great flavors. My Sister ordered a Breakfast Canotto With Ricotta, Soft poached egg and Black pepper. It was so delicious. A Canotta is like a puffy flat bread and it was perfectly made. In my opinion, Boozy Brunch Sundays are one of the best ways to end the weekend. You get to fellowship with your favorite people over delicious drinks and just finish unwinding before a new week starts. Don’t forsake this opportunity!! and If you are in Vegas, check out Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar, you will not be disappointed.

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