No Mas Pantalones – Mercadito Brunchdays!

As many of you know already, Sundays are Brunchdays aka Boozy Brunch Sundays. So in accordance with the weekly tradition we decided to try a new Brunch experience at the Red Rock Hotel and Spa.
Mercadito proclaimed that Sundays were a no mas pantalones experiences. For 25 bucks you would get a variety of flavored bottomless mimosas and any 1 food item off the menu. WHAT!! I was sold. By sold I mean we made it a priority to find the bottom of all the deliciously flavored mimosas offered. They had a smorgasbord too. Pineapple, guava, mango, blueberry, strawberry and so on and so forth…  To be real the rest of the flavors escape me, could be the persistent overflowing of mimosas the waiter kept coming wit,  but who really knows these things? One thing I do know is that the well never ran dry. Oh, the food was super tasty and that is not an after thought either.

 So if you find yourself in North West Vegas and want a yummy Brunch experience go check them out.

XoXo, Misty


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