Travel: Sand. Sun. Margaritas. Hawaii

I am a Beach fiend. No vacation is truly a vacation without some beach or pool time (with my preference leaning towards a beach). This year I decided to surprise my mom and take her to Hawaii for her Birthday. Win win in my book. I not only became the favorite daughter giving THE best gift, but I also get to escape the frosty winters of the desert and bathe in the sun. A girl couldn’t ask for more!

Prep: Pedicure, Check. Bathing Suit, Check. Sunglasses, Check. I mean who needs anything else when they plan to be a beach bum. *Disclaimer*: I packed waaaay more than the prep list listed.

At this point you are probably wondering which beach… Well with No further a due I present to you Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii!!!!
I will be blogging wanderlust photos of the island of Oahu… stay tuned.



















XoXo Misty

Travel: Hoover Dam Tour Love Fest

The Hoover Dam was a great touring experience. To be inside tunnels that harness the power of cities was exhilarating. Literally, I was inside of several tunnels under mass amounts of concrete with tons of water coursing all around me! This monumental dam broke ground in 1931 during the worst Depression America had ever experienced. During the Great Depression men spilled into the Black Canyon from all over the country to work as whatever was needed. They say that only 90 men died on record while working, but those numbers only reflect the amount of people that passed while on site. If you were lucky enough to maybe only fall and break some bones they had to cart you 8 miles away to the hospital. If you died during commute they wouldn’t claim you as a work injury. So of the 15,000 men that worked on the Dam over 5 years, they can’t truly assess how many actually died. They estimate around 300. Sad, but for the greater good of the Southwest of America. If you are in Arizona or Nevada, I suggest checking it out.

Until next time ~

XoXo, Misty

Fun Facts about the Hoover Dam can be found here.


Wanderlust: The Birth of Las Vegas Curated Itineraries

Living in Las Vegas always gives the allure to friends, family and just everyone else that I am a party girl and can get them into everything for free.  ::Side Eye::  Shoot, I can barely get myself into stuff free!!! The truth is I am a homebody, Le Sigh. The only time I leave my area is for deeply discounted events, locals only deals and most importantly free shit. With that being said, it is impossible to tell my friends and family I don’t know where to go or what there is to do. Really its sacrilegious and truly unacceptable to utter those phrases lol So because of this I have become the local tour guide and event coordinator for all things Vegas.

So that means you Flirts are in luck. I will be able to pass all my insider knowledge on to you so you look like a Rockstar to your peoples when you come. I have curated itineraries and things to do with reviews, so you have an amazing time whenever you are in Vegas Baby!!

Simply said, Your’e Welcome 😀

No Mas Pantalones – Mercadito Brunchdays!

As many of you know already, Sundays are Brunchdays aka Boozy Brunch Sundays. So in accordance with the weekly tradition we decided to try a new Brunch experience at the Red Rock Hotel and Spa.
Mercadito proclaimed that Sundays were a no mas pantalones experiences. For 25 bucks you would get a variety of flavored bottomless mimosas and any 1 food item off the menu. WHAT!! I was sold. By sold I mean we made it a priority to find the bottom of all the deliciously flavored mimosas offered. They had a smorgasbord too. Pineapple, guava, mango, blueberry, strawberry and so on and so forth…  To be real the rest of the flavors escape me, could be the persistent overflowing of mimosas the waiter kept coming wit,  but who really knows these things? One thing I do know is that the well never ran dry. Oh, the food was super tasty and that is not an after thought either.

 So if you find yourself in North West Vegas and want a yummy Brunch experience go check them out.

XoXo, Misty


Misty Mclendon on

Let’s Make A Deal!!! Bucket List: Game Show

The other day my older Brother was looking for someone to go with him to play on the Lets Make A Deal Show, which airs on CBS and is hosted by Wayne Brady. out in Los Angeles.  I jumped at the chance to go. I love Sunny California and have never been on a game show. I figured I could add this to my bucket list and then scratch it off lol, very much like an amended Bucket List Item. Don’t judge Me.
You have to dress up in a crazy costume and have a big personality to get pulled up on stage. They interview each contestant when they are outside standing in line to get a sense of who is out there and who to start watching to pull up and play the games with Wayne Brady. Now honestly, I’m more a reserved sarcastic person that can be outgoing, but I was in the land of Actors and Actresses that bubble high energy. I was no competition thus was not one of the “chosen few” to have a crack at winning some free Shit. When we were brought on to set, they sat us in a corner and kept reiterating that no seat is a bad seat. I believed it at first… Until this old craggedy wrinkle, faced geezer was sat next to us and kept on falling asleep. That is a bad seat!! For real for real a TERRIBLE seat, cameras cant pan on you because she is over there slobbering and knocked out. That means no camera time for us. Sad Face.

Either way we went in and laughed, danced, screamed and had a good ole time. Even though I didn’t end up winning a car or money, family time on set of Lets Make A Deal was an awesome experience.

Until next time Love You Always… Misty


Boozy Brunch Sundays!!!

Weekends are the pinnacle of a tough week. Those who trudged through a crappy Monday through Friday accomplishing tasks that are tedious, menial and truly not thrilling. Weekends are Gods way of saying “I know my child! I know grown up life sucks dirty ball water… HOWEVER COMMA I am blessing you with this amazing treat dubbed Boozy Brunch Sundays”. Who loves a great brunch? THIS GIRL. I absolutely love bottomless anything lol Sundays are the days that you get dressed in a trendy outfit and head to a restaurant that will ply you with bottomless alcoholic goodness and amazing breakfast treats.

Guess what?? We did just that:

Today we ate at Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar for their Sunday Brunch. I love the Rustic Eclectic style of this restaurant and the staff is always soo accommodating. Our Mimosas really were bottomless. The glasses never got less than halfway full of the orange bubbly goodness. Go #teamnowater. I ordered the Loco Moco, which is a Hawaiian breakfast mix of Rice, Medium Eggs, Gravy and some lime. It was very yummy with great flavors. My Sister ordered a Breakfast Canotto With Ricotta, Soft poached egg and Black pepper. It was so delicious. A Canotta is like a puffy flat bread and it was perfectly made. In my opinion, Boozy Brunch Sundays are one of the best ways to end the weekend. You get to fellowship with your favorite people over delicious drinks and just finish unwinding before a new week starts. Don’t forsake this opportunity!! and If you are in Vegas, check out Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar, you will not be disappointed.