FWT Podcast – Ep.1 – Bali

“Smell Your Food, People!”

Hello World. Welcome to Misty’s new podcast called Flirting With Travel. She records her very first episode while in Bali. Listen to her talk about how she affords being an avid travel and a bit about Bali

Travel: Hoover Dam Tour Love Fest

The Hoover Dam was a great touring experience. To be inside tunnels that harness the power of cities was exhilarating. Literally, I was inside of several tunnels under mass amounts of concrete with tons of water coursing all around me! This monumental dam broke ground in 1931 during the worst Depression America had ever experienced. During the Great Depression men spilled into the Black Canyon from all over the country to work as whatever was needed. They say that only 90 men died on record while working, but those numbers only reflect the amount of people that passed while on site. If you were lucky enough to maybe only fall and break some bones they had to cart you 8 miles away to the hospital. If you died during commute they wouldn’t claim you as a work injury. So of the 15,000 men that worked on the Dam over 5 years, they can’t truly assess how many actually died. They estimate around 300. Sad, but for the greater good of the Southwest of America. If you are in Arizona or Nevada, I suggest checking it out.

Until next time ~

XoXo, Misty

Fun Facts about the Hoover Dam can be found here.


ADELE: Song Bird has New Release of Hello

I LOVE ADELE. She is one of my favorite artist. So when she begin teasing us of new releases. I became anxious and craving the new material!!


Adele’s voice is like heaven opening up and stirring our souls deep abyss. The soulfulness has been extremely missed, so I think the world stopped when they saw she was releasing an album. Entitled 25, Adeles has been giving life with snippets of her music.  She explains the new direction that the album will take. 12017562_10153471860189279_12877880934909346_o

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQHsXMglC9A&w=560&h=315]

I love how she shares her vulnerability with us, however I was skeptical that she could deliver something as amazing as the past while being in a happy space. I was so wrong, If Hello the new release is indicative of the album. We are in for a treat. Listen to Adele: Hello 🙂 Its soul stirring.


No Mas Pantalones – Mercadito Brunchdays!

As many of you know already, Sundays are Brunchdays aka Boozy Brunch Sundays. So in accordance with the weekly tradition we decided to try a new Brunch experience at the Red Rock Hotel and Spa.
Mercadito proclaimed that Sundays were a no mas pantalones experiences. For 25 bucks you would get a variety of flavored bottomless mimosas and any 1 food item off the menu. WHAT!! I was sold. By sold I mean we made it a priority to find the bottom of all the deliciously flavored mimosas offered. They had a smorgasbord too. Pineapple, guava, mango, blueberry, strawberry and so on and so forth…  To be real the rest of the flavors escape me, could be the persistent overflowing of mimosas the waiter kept coming wit,  but who really knows these things? One thing I do know is that the well never ran dry. Oh, the food was super tasty and that is not an after thought either.

 So if you find yourself in North West Vegas and want a yummy Brunch experience go check them out.

XoXo, Misty


Misty Mclendon on piZap.com

Boozy Brunch Sundays!!!

Weekends are the pinnacle of a tough week. Those who trudged through a crappy Monday through Friday accomplishing tasks that are tedious, menial and truly not thrilling. Weekends are Gods way of saying “I know my child! I know grown up life sucks dirty ball water… HOWEVER COMMA I am blessing you with this amazing treat dubbed Boozy Brunch Sundays”. Who loves a great brunch? THIS GIRL. I absolutely love bottomless anything lol Sundays are the days that you get dressed in a trendy outfit and head to a restaurant that will ply you with bottomless alcoholic goodness and amazing breakfast treats.

Guess what?? We did just that:

Today we ate at Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar for their Sunday Brunch. I love the Rustic Eclectic style of this restaurant and the staff is always soo accommodating. Our Mimosas really were bottomless. The glasses never got less than halfway full of the orange bubbly goodness. Go #teamnowater. I ordered the Loco Moco, which is a Hawaiian breakfast mix of Rice, Medium Eggs, Gravy and some lime. It was very yummy with great flavors. My Sister ordered a Breakfast Canotto With Ricotta, Soft poached egg and Black pepper. It was so delicious. A Canotta is like a puffy flat bread and it was perfectly made. In my opinion, Boozy Brunch Sundays are one of the best ways to end the weekend. You get to fellowship with your favorite people over delicious drinks and just finish unwinding before a new week starts. Don’t forsake this opportunity!! and If you are in Vegas, check out Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar, you will not be disappointed.

Ode to the gnawing bitterness of disappointment…

That is always how I like to start my vacations.


I start off writing this in the Airport Clarion Hotel in Philadelphia.  I cannot honestly sat that this is where I anticipated my day ending, and yet here I am.


To preface this, I’d have to give a little background about the last year of my life. After living in Japan for a bit over two years, I came back home to Las Vegas. I knew immediately that it was the end of a very important and very fantastic stage of my life.  I mourned and celebrated my exit from Japan by going on a solo backpacking trip through Vietnam and Cambodia.


This probably marked the height of my life as the intrepid adventurer. I didn’t realize it at the time.


Under the guise of letting myself ‘get situated’ at home I neglected my wanderlust and in turn it made my daily life feel like trudging through the River of Styx. I suppose that is the only logical conclusion when you turn your back on your passion.


Nevertheless, after over a year of living down to my hopes, dreams, and potential as well as watching my most cherished relationships deteriorate, I decided it was time for a palette cleanser.  The bitter taste that had taken permanent residence in my soul could not be washed away by some weekend getaway.  It needed to be something personal and remarkable.


For me, it had to be London.


I do not know when or why this seed was planted in my head that London was the home I had never been to, but I felt a kinship to it.


Now, Paris is the place that most people fantasize about, but I am not a romantic.  I am a rationalist.  I mentally prepared myself.  I wanted to see sights of near constant drizzling rain, immaculately tailored slim cut suits, afternoon tea, the flagship store of Alexander McQueen, a Shakespeare play trotted out at the Globe Theatre.


Alas, fate had other plans.  While flying standby, I made my flight from Las Vegas to Charlotte, NC with relative ease. Yet Charlotte changed the game.  Sitting at the gate, I breathed my first sigh of relief. I had found it impossible to get excited beforehand as standby plans could change in the blink of an eye.  In that moment, I sunk into that uncomfortable airport chair with almost certainty that it was just a matter of hours before I stepped onto British soil.


It only took three little words to shatter that dream.


“We need volunteers.”


US Airways was giving a $900 flight credit to any passenger willing to opt our of their flight.  If someone with a confirmed seat was not guaranteed a seat, what chances did I have?  I raced to collect my bag, my composure and my jaw off the floor, and I embarked to find out my options.


At the counter the ticket agent looked relieved that someone was walking towards her, possibly to take myself off this flight.  As I spoke her hopes were dashed. I was told that I could get onto a flight to Philadelphia with a connecting flight into London. Ultimately, I be arriving in London only a paltry three hours later than originally planned. 


The Philadelphia flight was near the end of boarding as I was being told this.  I only had a split second to make a definitive decision; in that moment of panic I made the only snap judgment that seemed logical: yes.


I barely made it on the flight to Philadelphia and sunk into that slight more comfortable than an airport seat with the ease that my snags were behind me.


Side note: I have noticed when getting on the plane, if you happen to be the last person, you get a lot of dirty looks from people as if you are single handedly holding up the flight. As anyone who has ever missed a flight knows, airplanes wait for no man.


An even more personal side note: To the woman who whispered no so silently as I boarded the plane, “there’s always one straggler running late,” I reply, why don’t you take your judgment and shove it up your tight ass and enjoy a rough patch of turbulence.


End of side note.


In Philadelphia, I had some time to kill, so I enjoyed a veggie version of a Philly Cheese steak.  However, I have now been told that is both blasphemous and entirely missing the point. Finally, I go to the counter to see my chances of making the flight.  There I encountered a very nice, albeit straight forward guy who gave me truly bad news,  When he said that I wouldn’t make it on my flight, there was a moment I was certain he was just joking with me.  He was not.


While there were more than a few open seats, there were more than a few passengers flying standby, and I was low on the totem pole.  I waited, clinging to hope that a minivan full of passengers would get stuck in traffic. I know, not my finest moment. As boarding time came and went, every standby passenger was called to board. Every…single…one.  Except me.


The gate agent again was blunt when he told me that the next flight into Heathrow was not until 9:50 pm the following day and that my chances of flying looked equally dour.  I appreciated his honesty. However, I appreciated even more when he took the moments to tell me what flights would be leaving for Europe the following day and what my chances were for making each flight.


The options presented ranged from Madrid, Barcelona, Paris (with a slim chance), and Rome.  The only other location that I could imagine going, which I had dreamed about, had to be Italy.  And with that, with no preparation, at 10:00 pm I chose that I would be departing for Rome the following day.


It was a tumultuous road, and I will admit that for at least a full day I behaved like a brat, lamenting over the fact that my dream of London was stalled. Then I realized that if a challenge in my life was ‘having’ to go to Rome as a consolation, things really couldn’t be all that bad, could they?


Beds in the cinema

Cool concept.. But how many would stay awake?

Travel Quote of the Day

“All of our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.”

–Walt Disney

With anything Inaction speaks volumes to your soul!! Find your inner courage and trust your instincts. These are the feelings I am growing to embody.

Travel Quote of the Day

I believe in life, we become our decisions good bad or indifferent. Whatever you decide. Make a Decision as tomorrow is never promised.

Hair Knot, Waste Not!

When traveling, its essential to remember all the minor details. I checked and doubled checked for socks, undies, toiletries and Undies… Yes I always triple check for the unmentionables! lol However something as simple as a Hair Tie I forgot! FORGOT. Completely slipped my mind, maybe due to the fact I am rocking this fabulous kinky twist style #werk girl thus allowing one to become care free. But regardless of how fly I felt, I didnt pack a scrunchie. Leaving the small minute nuances of my hair constantly falling in my face or just all over the place whenever I’m trying to get my bags and get off the plane / train has always there. You would think that would be an easy solution. As annoying it is, its became deceitfully difficult when in stores, shops around the medina to get a hair tie. Its escaped me on so many occasions, that I decided to blog about it and just give updates on the annoyances of allowing ones hair to be all over the place!!

I have placed some simple styles that you can accomplish with out anything but your long hair! All were accomplished by tucking tying or braiding.

XOXO Flirts