Travel: Hoover Dam Tour Love Fest

The Hoover Dam was a great touring experience. To be inside tunnels that harness the power of cities was exhilarating. Literally, I was inside of several tunnels under mass amounts of concrete with tons of water coursing all around me! This monumental dam broke ground in 1931 during the worst Depression America had ever experienced. During the Great Depression men spilled into the Black Canyon from all over the country to work as whatever was needed. They say that only 90 men died on record while working, but those numbers only reflect the amount of people that passed while on site. If you were lucky enough to maybe only fall and break some bones they had to cart you 8 miles away to the hospital. If you died during commute they wouldn’t claim you as a work injury. So of the 15,000 men that worked on the Dam over 5 years, they can’t truly assess how many actually died. They estimate around 300. Sad, but for the greater good of the Southwest of America. If you are in Arizona or Nevada, I suggest checking it out.

Until next time ~

XoXo, Misty

Fun Facts about the Hoover Dam can be found here.


Wanderlust: The Birth of Las Vegas Curated Itineraries

Living in Las Vegas always gives the allure to friends, family and just everyone else that I am a party girl and can get them into everything for free.  ::Side Eye::  Shoot, I can barely get myself into stuff free!!! The truth is I am a homebody, Le Sigh. The only time I leave my area is for deeply discounted events, locals only deals and most importantly free shit. With that being said, it is impossible to tell my friends and family I don’t know where to go or what there is to do. Really its sacrilegious and truly unacceptable to utter those phrases lol So because of this I have become the local tour guide and event coordinator for all things Vegas.

So that means you Flirts are in luck. I will be able to pass all my insider knowledge on to you so you look like a Rockstar to your peoples when you come. I have curated itineraries and things to do with reviews, so you have an amazing time whenever you are in Vegas Baby!!

Simply said, Your’e Welcome 😀

Taunted baggage by way of delay.

Hi Flirts! I want to talk about something very important; A Go Bag. A Go Bag is extremely vital when traveling abroad!!! Now I feel it’s unfathomable to think that a person that travels as much as I do could completely forget to pack something for the occasion FWT has dubbed the “Just In Case” moments or more affectionately known as the “Oh Shit, the airline really can’t transfer my luggage in time for my connection flight leaving me in my travel clothes for another 24 hours and I don’t have soap or tooth paste” thus leaving me screaming Bastaaaaaards ::waves angry baby fist to the skies:: Sigh….

Well now that’s off my chest, lets talk about the importance of a Go Bag and the infinite possibilities of its contents. You should always carry a small personal hygiene kit, you know can freshen up the hot spots 🙂 Make sure you have the basics– toothpaste, deodorant, cleansing cloth pack, small travel soap, small travel lotion, wisp (or small travel tooth brush) and maybe Chapstick. Next would be undies, a extra top, new socks and if you are constantly fabulous your touch up make up. Very simple, can be rolled to fit in a corner of whatever carry on bag you utilize. Make sure this is packed in your carry on whether it be a back pack, tote or roller bag.

If you forget, whenever you do your missing baggage report they will offer you a hygiene kit to assist with the massive inconvenience you are encountering! Also another tip, always keep a copy of the bag tag that’s normally placed on the back of your ticket. I normally download the carriers app or go online and once on board of the air craft, before we take off I track it real fast to make sure it was scanned plane side. Anal – Maybe. Paranoid – Kinda. Worried – They’ve lost my bags twice when I’m overseas. Lesson Learned – Ya damn skippy!



Travel Quote of the Day

“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.”

– James Michener
That might be the second best travel advice I’ve ever heard. What is the first, you ask.

“When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.

” – Susan Heller
I have certainly regretted lugging around a huge bag, but have never regretted bringing too much money. Never ever!

Travel Quote of the Day

“If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, unforgiveness, selfishness and fears.”

– Cesare Pavese

Quality packing advice. Now what should actually go in my bag?

The Visa Debacle

Visa, every where you want to be!! Ya Damn skippy lol but in this case it’s not about the credit card, its about this stupid Multi Entry Exit Visa for Qatar!!! The freakin bane of my existence. The last week and a half have been consumed of plans for my escape!!! I bragged and rubbed it in people’s faces that I would be in Qatar for a week just chilling. Doing absolutely nothing except listening to some boring briefs and then sitting by the pool lol there is no greater joy than to relax by the pool sipping on a refreshing beverage in my opinion. But nooooooooooooo the Qatar government didn’t want that. They decided to make me sit my over privileged American ass down in Afghanistan and continue to suffer lol

When I tell you I was on some Bill Collector harassment ish you better believe it. I was literally calling the Qatari Consulate top of the hour every hour leaving creepy voice mails begging Muhammad Hussein Ahkbar (fictitious name btw, I don’t really remember it I have been in a daze) to give me a visa. I think when I finally got through to him, he instantly recognized my voice and told me “no ma’am you cannot come to this country, or I’ll deport you myself!!! In fact I could get in trouble just by talking to you. Do you want to be blacklisted from this country ma’am??” slightly appalled but still desperate I replied DEPORTED!!! I’m American dammit lol He then promptly told me he could offer me no help and bid a good day. Needless to say I’m defeated. I called the US Embassy in DC, Kabul and Dubai plus checked with the Qatar consulate in DC and Qatar. Called the Air Force Base in Qatar far more times than I will admit and came up short, defeated, empty, just a loser lol

Due to the Al Udied AF Base being a non American base they came up with the new visa for Americans flying through the base. I personally feel it was all for money but hey who am I? But a defeated American who can’t enjoy her pool side time. Better luck next time I suppose… ::sigh:: Visa every where you want to be lmao!!!

Ciao my Flirts

F’n Groupon!!!!

If I could smack someone through email I would. I can only describe the feeling that I have as rage. How dare Groupon advertise this gorgeous, sexy property to have it snatched from my fingers by the owner!!!! Boy, I tell you. I was super excited today. Well really this shameful debacle has been going on for the last couple days! So I was super excited yesterday, when we purchased an awesome Sea Garden Villa with private plunge pool in Koh Samui, Thailand for pennies I tell ya PENNIES. A Gorgeous traditional Thai room with some modern ties and glowing reviews. Now I’m a Groupon whore, so I understand the fine print game. Read, re-read, take a break and then read once more to make sure you aren’t bamboozled into a product you either don’t want or worst CAN’T USE. In this case We CANT USE it. I’m currently in knee deep with the owner. I’m ready to take him to the mattress so to speak for a beating. He won’t honor nor work with us, just leaves me disgusted. So I’m requesting a REFUND, either from him or Groupon, all I want is my little Duckets (money) back ASAP. Cus what I do know is that SOMEBODY on this email riddled virtual war is giving me a refund. Elements Boutique Resort sucks!!!

Qatar through my eyes

As promised, I have attached some photos of Qatar. I worked there for about 4 months and can say that I enjoyed myself. You are allowed to drink, they do have lounges and bars. Although all are in the major hotels. Still unlike Kuwait, you have the luxury to sip an adult beverage while unwinding. I will say the no smoking laws haven’t really passed to middle eastern establishments so be prepared to leave smelling like a dirty discarded ashtray lol

While living there we did attempt the club scene with my coworkers one night lol interesting to say the least. I intentionally bought a dress that came to my knees because I knew that it was still a Muslim country and I wanted no troubles, Especially since I was there on a work Visa.

So the story ensues as such, there was a group of about 10 people hitting the town. We all caught taxis (the preferably cheaper mode of transportation) to the Ramada to head to what everyone professes to be the most “happening spot” in Doha, Qatar. Once there we walk in and headed to the location that was down some stairs and conveniently tucked off in a corner. Very similar to how they hide swine (pork) in the grocery stores!! This process was kind of time-consuming. You proceed to buy a card which is like a membership. Now I learned that every time you went to one of these clubs, lounges, bars you had to have a membership card that cost and have to be able to show some sort of Qatari residency or give your passport. Once you go through what feels like a TSA experiences lol you are ushered out and wait in line for the club. Well while we were walking towards the line, I can only assume to refer to this gentleman as a promoter, walks over and in hushed tones tells me that my dress is to short and I would need to wrap this scarf around the bottom of my dress to meet the appropriate lengths!!! Caveat: the middle east is an extremely chauvinistic area in my opinion. They rarely will speak to a woman so while he was talking to me, he was actually directing his attention to one of the guys in my group, cutting his eyes back at me for emphasis of the problem lol as if he would make sure his directions were enforced!! The nerve!

Let’s bear in mind that my dress is a silky material and the scarf is sliding down due to it not being long enough to wrap around my waist and cover more skin than my dress already was covering. This leaves me having to constantly adjust it. We moved to the entrance of the club and while they were wanding the guys, I took this as my opportunity to adjust the scarf in the mirror. Maybe I could see something that would help me keep it in place. It was becoming aggravating to constantly keep tying it!!! But to the hooligans untrained eyes they thought I was taking the wrap off and silently saying screw their cultures rules lol I argued relentlessly with this man who I was keeping it on but he tuned me out and talked to the guy standing next to me stating I was not going to be admitted entrance into the disco Lolol ::shrugs:: The night was destined to go on Thank God. We just sauntered up stairs to the bar ate some cake drank our hearts out till last call and got kicked out the hotel. It was great 🙂 I’m sure they thought we were arrogant Americans lol so we lived up to the standard lol

I forgot to mention, while outside in our intoxicated states we got taken advantage of and rode back in the “luxury” cars lol tripled the rate on us!! Good times lol



Shop Shop Shop til You Drop




That one word warms my heart 🙂 There is an inexplicable joy that comes over me from purchasing items I just know that I NEED to have!! See in life everything can fall into two basic categories. Wants and Needs. Needs are defined as a requirement, necessary duty, or obligation. To be able to sustain in life you NEED water, an edible source of nutrition and water. Where as Wants are defined as To desire greatly; wish for. You might want some juice or Koolaid, but all you really need is water to sustain your being lol  


Needless to say, Shopping is a universal joy that many take part in. There is no where that I could travel to in the world and not be able to partake in this festivity. It’s almost like you could say its a common denominator in all cultures, similar to a universal language. From the over inflated steroid enhanced Mega Shopping malls to the local markets of hand-made garments and goods. Barter or Buying every person can understand the basic concept of Shopping…


When I travel, I rarely buy lots of souvenirs. Rather I try to find things that will help me remember special things about trip. Things that I will use and make me smile, Like Yeah I was there!! From Japan I bought Chop Sticks~ Miami I have a Sexy and I know it T-Shirt lol This is sentimental becuase that became the shirt of the trip!! Jamaica I have a straw basket, Memorable due to the harrassment that we recieved at the Straw Market.




Prepping for China


As I’ve mentioned before I am planning a trip to China. There were a few hiccups on the way, but I am now 80% certain it is happening. (nothing is ever really certain until money has been paid). The money I paid today was for my re-entry permit. Basically, if you are in Japan on a visa and leave the country without getting permission to re-enter, your visa is voided and you face possible deportation.

This system will actually change in July, unfortunately for me, my vacation is in May. So, I’m chilling at the immigration office right now.

The entire process is pretty painless, I filled out my paperwork, the form is in Japanese and English. Waited in like for about 7 minutes to have my paperwork looked over. They took my passport and gave me a number, plus told me that while I waited I should run up to the second floor and pay for my revenue stamp. Super simple.

Now here’s the flip side. I got here at 11:40. The entire office takes lunch between 12:00 and 1:00. So I have an hour to wait. Guess it never occurred to them to work in shifts and rotate lunch breaks. My definite advice, should you find yourself living in Japan, and then should you find yourself taking a trip out of the country, and furthermore should you find yourself getting a re-entry permit from the Shin Yurigaoka office before July of this year, if all those circumstances line up for you, go early or after 1.