Greece…Doesnt He sound Sexy

I like to think of Greece as a Bond type of man. Breath taking handsome, sweeps you off your feet and makes you get lost in his Sunsets!!! I can’t find one picture that can mar the face of  Santorini, Greece. This is my love. I was awe stricken when I first  laid eyes upon this beauty online. I do plan on making love to this beautiful man! He has just left me no choice. This is my struggle when I begin to flirt and fall in love with travel 🙂

It’s probably THE most famous thing to do on Santorini, but witnessing a sunset at the very tip of Oia they say is a must for first-time visitors. Also, Santorini’s a good wine-growing island, and the landscape is adorned with endless fields of grapes. I plan on plucking a few and feasting on one of the the juiciest of my favorite fruits.

I am currently trying to book my stay in Santorini, Greece. What I am learning is that this Gem is a tad bit difficult to get to; Furthermore quite expensive if you are sticking with your normal airlines lol I am a loyal Sky Team member but I’m thinking I might have to ditch them in order for this to be affordable. Delta just quoted me some retarded figure to fly from Dubai to Santorini. I will share, they told me $2428.oo USD!!  O_o <~~ Those were my eye balls when I looked at it lol Now this is a romantic getaway, you understand. Not a Honeymoon or a Wedding destination or a proposal spot. Well who knows on the latter 😀 But to spend $10,000 on 5 days is just not happening lol No way, No How Siree!!

Still this handsome devil is luring me in…A luck has might have it though with some continuous looking I was able to find Qatar Airways for $592 USD from Dubai to Athens and then  Aegen Air from Athens to Santorini for $169 USD. These are all RT fares. I can do that but my heart is slightly breaking at the thought of the lost mileage that I wont be accruing!!

Even when I dreaming and planning my way to these love affairs, Cost is my number one concern! We all want to maximize our visits and leave thoroughly pleased with every choice we have made.

First flight on Korean Air

I always love flying non American airlines because they really mind the details. It’s just part of the service and the flight attendants are always better IMO.

There are 3 classes in this airline. First Class, Prestige (business) and Economy. I purchased an economy ticket and was really hoping not to be cramped in. Was seated I noticed that the screens in the seats are HUGE! Compared to Deltas minuscule screens these are like treasures. They are accompanied by remotes, and have a USB port to charge your devices.

After you have taken off they hand you little packages that contain slippers and a disposable toothbrush and toothpaste! Über cute. I’m rocking the slippers as we speak.

My dinner was bibimbap! Pretty delicious. I was given a glass of white wine to accompany and ate with REAL silverware!

I do wish there was WiFi aboard. Im not at all sleepy maybe I’ll sleep the last 4 hours of the flight, but the ability to research would be nice.

The flight is a total of 12 hours from Los Angeles to Tokyo, Japan. Anyway you look at it it’s just super long, Rounding up to 3000 miles.

A great beginning to a the tail end of my vacation I must say!

Stay tuned




Oh TimeShare TimeShare TimeShare, What am I going to do with you??

Sigh…. I am one of the many people who were suckered in by the unbelievable tokens of promises that TimeShare would unequivocally make my dreams of consistent affordable travel true. I was lured in by the miniscule bread crumbs showing massive savings on my yearly travel, ease of booking and in general contentment knowing that im guaranteed a vacation every year. Booooooy, Did they saw me coming lol I was bamboozled, Hoodwinked I tell ya! 😀

Situation: Owner of 2 Westgate Properties, floating Bi-annual weeks.

Problem: I don’t vacation in Orlando often, But I bought the 2 bedroom lock off because they said I would have greater trading power. Secondly, I also own in Vegas on the strip but I havent been there in almost a year so it’s of no use at the present moment. Really, its cheaper to just book the getaways that are offered through my memberships with Interval International and Westgate Cruise and Travel.

So, Let me start my story off by sharing that just last week I was completely content with the foreboding feeling like I might have been duped into buying one of the worst investments ever lol However, This week I’m livid. They took $958.00 out of my account unannounced!!! Said cost were for the Annual Maintenance and HOA fees I was told over the phone. Now riddle me this; why would I pay that in a lump sum when I am making monthly payments on everything else. The simplicity of this question, aggravates me to my core because I would never agree to something as silly as that. I am not rich! Yet, Contractually I missed that detail. Word to the wise when you are sitting there with them talking, actually read the information as well. My Bad!

Hmm, Maybe the real problem is that I have planned and will be going in 3 DAYS on an amazing fun-filled, educated, drunken stupor, jet setting Holiday. I have been counting down to this for a couple of months now. I didn’t use any of my timeshare on this trip, so you can imagine how flabbergasted I was when I checked my account. I needed my little duckets to splurge on whatever frivolous thing I felt would add to the experience. Now I am left resenting Westgate for biting into my vacation pockets 🙁

A little Education morsel.. Selling a timeshare that has been recently purchased is worst than trying to sell a overinflated home your purchased during the real estate boom! At best I’ve seen people buying them for half the value, but then it is up to you to compensate the other half. If you didnt secure secondary financing or Just pay the property off during the 0% time frame, you are now stuff with a ridiculously high interest rate. They give you 10 years to pay them off. But depending on what type of unit you bought the features might change, the property become older and the general area could disinterest you. Anyway I have attached pictures of the Vegas location. I love it, very nice.


Help Me … Pleeeaassee I have a Question!!!! Help

Ok I have a problem, I am still quite new to Word Press and cant seem to figure out how to follow just random people. Like, How do I get to your page lol I feel as if Im missing out on some incredibly informative world!

Am I the only one lost?

Minimizing electronics

One thing that’s important to know is that all contributors on Flirting With Travel absolutely love Apple products. I thought traveling with an iPhone was convenient, then I took my first trip with the iPad, and oh man, that was a game changer.

So, it stands to reason that traveling with the combination is amazing. Aside from the constant Internet connectivity, to things like maps, safari, translation dictionaries, you have a great iCompanion.

Yet, Apple has added on more item that makes life so much iEasy. I recently bought the camera connectivity kit. I can plug my camera into my iPad, and and load pictures from there. This was I can easily share pictures with you and friends without the bulk of carrying my laptop.

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference.



Alas, Delta Treats Me Like Gold


I would say that I am a loyal person, I would also say I am more loyal to those that give me perks!! I am a Medallion Sky Miles member and am extremely faithful. I fly no one else but Delta or a SkyTeam Member. So when I finally hit Gold Status I wanted to leap for joy lol Now I get the perks of priority baggage, front of the line treatment, curbside service and angel that fans my face while I sleep in Economy Comfort <– hahaha … A bit much! I know but the point is that I am GOLD!! and they know it.

ADVICE: Once you start traveling frequently, its important to find the programs that work for you. There is a bit of research involved in it and some  trial and error but you have to find what works for you. You need to be loyal to a flight program. Check to see which airline hubs at your local airport. If you don’t have an Airline that Hubs see what flies the most in your region. Like I love Delta, Delta Hubs out of Atlanta. I practically live in Atlanta therefore it’s a good deal. I will do a whole blog on the Award Tickets, upgrades fees and what not.

Also  You should join a Hotel Loyalty program. I am with Starwood and Marriott. The chance that you will find one in anywhere around the world is Amazing. Plus the Hotel standard transcends all countries so I will never end up in a dump. I know with Marriot its like 10 stays and you get a free stay. I will do a blog primarily about that one to.

I do my rental cars through the SkyMiles. But if you rent cars often they have loyalty programs as well.

My triumph here is that my hard work and dedication to flying 15000 miles Round Trip 2x a year and little trips in between has finally paid off!!! I am constantly on,, It’s easy to see the cheaper tickets and jump, but the thing is that when you purchase you are just saving right then. Its like Retirements you forecast for the long run. You want the perks of going into Airport lounges for free, Complimentary Upgrades and discounted Award Travel oh and Companion flights. So you might pay more sometimes for staying Loyal but in the end the comps are so much better if you are planning on frequently traveling!!

Love, MistyPooh