Travel: Sand. Sun. Margaritas. Hawaii

I am a Beach fiend. No vacation is truly a vacation without some beach or pool time (with my preference leaning towards a beach). This year I decided to surprise my mom and take her to Hawaii for her Birthday. Win win in my book. I not only became the favorite daughter giving THE best gift, but I also get to escape the frosty winters of the desert and bathe in the sun. A girl couldn’t ask for more!

Prep: Pedicure, Check. Bathing Suit, Check. Sunglasses, Check. I mean who needs anything else when they plan to be a beach bum. *Disclaimer*: I packed waaaay more than the prep list listed.

At this point you are probably wondering which beach… Well with No further a due I present to you Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii!!!!
I will be blogging wanderlust photos of the island of Oahu… stay tuned.



















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Travel: Los Angeles County Museum and Art

Today I explored Los Angeles, CA and saw a preserved Tar Pit. If you are able to spend some time at LACMA it’s a fun experience. They have tidbits of information that explain the tar pits, the Hancock family that donated the land in 1917 and you can see the Mammoth Remains in a great museum. Hours and Tickets can be found here.










The property is huge and I was able to see the Urban Lights. Which are amazing in their simplicity and design.

Remember we always don’t have to travel to the ends of the earth to just get away and delve into a new experience or culture.

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Travel: Hoover Dam Tour Love Fest

The Hoover Dam was a great touring experience. To be inside tunnels that harness the power of cities was exhilarating. Literally, I was inside of several tunnels under mass amounts of concrete with tons of water coursing all around me! This monumental dam broke ground in 1931 during the worst Depression America had ever experienced. During the Great Depression men spilled into the Black Canyon from all over the country to work as whatever was needed. They say that only 90 men died on record while working, but those numbers only reflect the amount of people that passed while on site. If you were lucky enough to maybe only fall and break some bones they had to cart you 8 miles away to the hospital. If you died during commute they wouldn’t claim you as a work injury. So of the 15,000 men that worked on the Dam over 5 years, they can’t truly assess how many actually died. They estimate around 300. Sad, but for the greater good of the Southwest of America. If you are in Arizona or Nevada, I suggest checking it out.

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Fun Facts about the Hoover Dam can be found here.


Lava Sprung Rain Forrest

Costa Rica Arenal Volcano trail walk, our tour guide Jose was so informative! He was amazing! I learned so much from him about Eco tourism, and how it has grown in Costa Rica in the last 50-60 years. The Arenal region is mixture of primal rainforrest and secondary rain forest. Jose said that the reason there are so many different species of vegetation is from the ground providing so many minerals due to the eruptions of the Volcano, the lava deposits actually left the ground extremely rich. They also have created a man made lake that is fed by 3 or 4 different rivers which in turn is used as a hydro electric damn point providing 70% of Costa Ricas electricity. The government created this and now over 90% of the country has electricity. Their land is naturally protected by the government so that nature can thrive.

Oh he also left this tid bit about the feeding the monkeys and animals to bring them out so that the tourist could see them. The tour guides found that tourist were happier when they saw the wild life. So to make the most if this the guides found that by giving the monkeys bananas it would routinely brought them out. This in turn made the monkeys no longer scared of humans and would approach for the morsels of deliciousness. What they didn’t realize is that the monkeys that are indigenous to Costa Rica have a completely different make up than those from Africa. The potassium rich fruit was hurting the stomachs of the monkeys in Costa Rica creating blockages and what not. They weren’t able to process the fruit in their stomach which began causing issues, coupled with the adverse affect is had for the generations to come, The species lost the ability to search for food and germinate the region and solely became dependent on the food that was being doled out by the humans.

An investigation was launched by the Costa Rican government which resulted in tour guides being reprimanded for further actions. They were taught the repercussion a of their actions and now you are not allowed to feed the animals in the Rain Forrest.