Amazing photographs from my travels

Heian Shrine

I feel quite silly, I almost didn’t go to Heian Srine, because I worried that I was all shrined out. But I’m so happy I made the trek. Looking around, this is the mental image Japan conjures. It’s bright and over scale, ornate and yet still zen at the same time with its vast plains […]

So delayed.

I havent posted in a while. I have been consumed by work… But the nagging axiety of my upcoming vacation has started to take its toll. It’s really not abnormal for me to completely shut down a week before vacation lol But I am diligently trying to stay in the game. My other dilemma is […]

Minimizing electronics

One thing that’s important to know is that all contributors on Flirting With Travel absolutely love Apple products. I thought traveling with an iPhone was convenient, then I took my first trip with the iPad, and oh man, that was a game changer. So, it stands to reason that traveling with the combination is amazing. […]

Walking excursion

Got a little lost after leaving Kiyomizudera Temple, and stumbled upon this beautifully illuminated temple

Walking with food

Today I wandered the alleyways of Kyoto. I tried soba, (not as good as Okinawa soba), a matcha creme puff (fantastic) and finally a pumpkin chestnut I e cream cone (pictured below). It was not as good as I thought it would be, actually at first taste I kind of wanted to throw it away, […]

Getting REALLY Lost

When training came to an end and we all headed off to our respective cities and schools I was very excited by the prospect of finally seeing what my new life was going to look like. That first day was interesting; I met my coworkers, saw my apartment, took a mini walking tour of my […]

Standing Room Only, Hopefully not! Club Liv or Club Play SoBe!!

Hiiii World 🙂 I have been going crazy with my research for Miami!!! lol I’ve been reading review after review after review on Clubs, Lounges, Hotels .. Really just things to do in general lol I am so dedicated to the idea of having an Epic trip that I don’t want to have a misstep. […]