Blowing in the Wind

Days such as today, remind me that escaping is a necessity. Vacations are a must! After a 16 hour day, the pressure for constant creative ingenuity leaves a craving to just SHUT DOWN, curl up into a ball and sleep. However, life isn’t like that! Not for me at least…. This leaves me lusting for an exotic adventure… A fling with a country that allows you let let go of your inhibitions and just be! No pressure to create, conform, maximize or any of the other synonyms that insinuate productivity for a Fortune 500 company. At this very moment all I want to do is sit still on a slice of gorgeous heaven on earth and let the universe whisper sweet nothing’s to me.. This is why I Flirt With Travel. Soothes my soul.

What do you do for a momentary relaxation?

Love, MistyPooh


Morocco Dolls in my grasp?

That is the question!!!!

As I sift through all the history of the North African country, I’m bombarded with a sense of heritage that dates back to when Moors were a prevalent force… Still may be. But I’m not to sure, which is precisely why I need to go!!!

For any vacation people tend to look and read and look at pictures upon more pictures upon yet some another batch of images. Creating this sense of need and urgency to discover this new and enticing realm…. Well I began looking at Moroccan food and although many culinary zealots rave about the diversity and history within. I’m at a lost, similar to being punched in the stomach; completely deflating the wind out of my sails. I am a food person, I love eating! So a vacation can be made or broken on the countries cuisine lol and Moroccan food, well it leaves a lot to be desired visually. Sheeps head is a commonality when eating street fair, also snail soup (supposedly it’s a great antidote for a fever) yuck! The bread looks promising lol so much for my low carb diet!

I need advice and feed back… Who enjoys their food???




F’n Groupon!!!!

If I could smack someone through email I would. I can only describe the feeling that I have as rage. How dare Groupon advertise this gorgeous, sexy property to have it snatched from my fingers by the owner!!!! Boy, I tell you. I was super excited today. Well really this shameful debacle has been going on for the last couple days! So I was super excited yesterday, when we purchased an awesome Sea Garden Villa with private plunge pool in Koh Samui, Thailand for pennies I tell ya PENNIES. A Gorgeous traditional Thai room with some modern ties and glowing reviews. Now I’m a Groupon whore, so I understand the fine print game. Read, re-read, take a break and then read once more to make sure you aren’t bamboozled into a product you either don’t want or worst CAN’T USE. In this case We CANT USE it. I’m currently in knee deep with the owner. I’m ready to take him to the mattress so to speak for a beating. He won’t honor nor work with us, just leaves me disgusted. So I’m requesting a REFUND, either from him or Groupon, all I want is my little Duckets (money) back ASAP. Cus what I do know is that SOMEBODY on this email riddled virtual war is giving me a refund. Elements Boutique Resort sucks!!!

Qatar through my eyes

As promised, I have attached some photos of Qatar. I worked there for about 4 months and can say that I enjoyed myself. You are allowed to drink, they do have lounges and bars. Although all are in the major hotels. Still unlike Kuwait, you have the luxury to sip an adult beverage while unwinding. I will say the no smoking laws haven’t really passed to middle eastern establishments so be prepared to leave smelling like a dirty discarded ashtray lol

While living there we did attempt the club scene with my coworkers one night lol interesting to say the least. I intentionally bought a dress that came to my knees because I knew that it was still a Muslim country and I wanted no troubles, Especially since I was there on a work Visa.

So the story ensues as such, there was a group of about 10 people hitting the town. We all caught taxis (the preferably cheaper mode of transportation) to the Ramada to head to what everyone professes to be the most “happening spot” in Doha, Qatar. Once there we walk in and headed to the location that was down some stairs and conveniently tucked off in a corner. Very similar to how they hide swine (pork) in the grocery stores!! This process was kind of time-consuming. You proceed to buy a card which is like a membership. Now I learned that every time you went to one of these clubs, lounges, bars you had to have a membership card that cost and have to be able to show some sort of Qatari residency or give your passport. Once you go through what feels like a TSA experiences lol you are ushered out and wait in line for the club. Well while we were walking towards the line, I can only assume to refer to this gentleman as a promoter, walks over and in hushed tones tells me that my dress is to short and I would need to wrap this scarf around the bottom of my dress to meet the appropriate lengths!!! Caveat: the middle east is an extremely chauvinistic area in my opinion. They rarely will speak to a woman so while he was talking to me, he was actually directing his attention to one of the guys in my group, cutting his eyes back at me for emphasis of the problem lol as if he would make sure his directions were enforced!! The nerve!

Let’s bear in mind that my dress is a silky material and the scarf is sliding down due to it not being long enough to wrap around my waist and cover more skin than my dress already was covering. This leaves me having to constantly adjust it. We moved to the entrance of the club and while they were wanding the guys, I took this as my opportunity to adjust the scarf in the mirror. Maybe I could see something that would help me keep it in place. It was becoming aggravating to constantly keep tying it!!! But to the hooligans untrained eyes they thought I was taking the wrap off and silently saying screw their cultures rules lol I argued relentlessly with this man who I was keeping it on but he tuned me out and talked to the guy standing next to me stating I was not going to be admitted entrance into the disco Lolol ::shrugs:: The night was destined to go on Thank God. We just sauntered up stairs to the bar ate some cake drank our hearts out till last call and got kicked out the hotel. It was great 🙂 I’m sure they thought we were arrogant Americans lol so we lived up to the standard lol

I forgot to mention, while outside in our intoxicated states we got taken advantage of and rode back in the “luxury” cars lol tripled the rate on us!! Good times lol



Sakura Festival

So today is the Cherry Blossom Festival in Sagamihara City. That means lots of live drumming, day drinking, food stalls, and most importantly, the national flower of Japan, the Cherry Blossom. More to come.




Love, Family and Travel.

I have fallen in love with a Man and yes this one is of Flesh and Bones  lol 🙂 He has kids, so this is where the family life begins I guess. What I have learned, well more come to the realization is that once you have young children the types of vacations you take change. The frequency of traveling slows and becoming responsible takes precedence. This all at first was overwhelming to say the least. I felt that my dreams of Jetsetting all over the world would have to slow down tremendously. But like anything in life we are all faced with choices. To choose to leave the situation and move on with your own selfish wants and desires or To make the choice to proceed and  endeavor on a joint venture with a person you feel completes you in life. With that being said I came to the conclusion that some vacations would be family affairs and others romantic getaways but all WILL be imaginative discoveries of far off places that will entice even the youngest to learn to love flirting with the intangible spirit of the world. We can only do Disney once lol unless its a goal to go to every Disney park int he world!! Which is actually a cool way to journal travel. See I beleive that comprimise and understanding is paramount in meshing together as a family and Couple. Learning the importance of what one needs, wants, desires should always be an underlying sentiment when growing together. So I give up some traveling and he and his kids takes on a world of undiscovered pleasures that I love. We will all grow together and take on bits and pieces of the others that we never had.

Let the journey begin…….. xoxoxoxo Dolls Love, MistyPooh

A Raisin in the Sun

Last night I went to see the Critically acclaimed play A Raisin in the Sun. It was playing at the Kirk Douglas Theater in Culver City, Los Angeles, California. I absolutely loved it, the cast was Fabulous. This was the first time I had ever seen it, I hadn’t ever seen any of the many other adaptations. So there were no comparisons in my mind. I felt this put me at ease to feel the characters and become lost in the plot of a dreamer wanting more but being held back by the lack of money and mindsets of those that don’t understand his way of thinking.

As it ended I felt incomplete, like I wanted to see the next step once the family moved to Clybourne Park. subsequently I wont be able to catch the next one but if you are in the LA area they have the sequel that was written 50 years later playing at another theatre. Clybourne Park is suppose to be the reaction of all the Caucasian neighbors to the first Black family moving into their neighborhood.

If you ever have an opportunity to watch it. Make the effort, totally worth it.


WHAT!!! I can’t help myself … Im a Flirt!!

Me: Moooooom, Its almost time for me to goOoOo!!

Mom: Hunny, Where are you going?

Me: (Madly states)  OUT!!! Im Grown, why do you always question ME.. I’m going OUT!

Mom: (Replies in a smug tone) Well Miss Grown, Who are you going with? Can I at least know that! 🙁

Me: I’m going out with a Boy, MOM ::huff::  I have been Flirting with him on the internet for the last couple months. He is Adventurous, Out Going, a little Wild I might admit 🙂 Buuuuuuut most importantly GORGEOUS!! and only surrounds himself with GORGEOUS people! Hence Me lol

Mom: Whats this Gorgeous Boys Name?

Me: MoooOOOooom… He lives in Miami and his name is SOUTH BEACH  and im in LOVE…

Well People its about that time, I have 24 hours left in Afghanistan and then im headed to Flirt with Travel and Party my ass off in South Beach, Atlanta, LA and Tokyo, JAPAN!! Wooooooooo

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Ciao babies xoxoxoxoxo Love, MistyPooh



Alas, Ending a Vacation

Well, all is said and done, I am now on the train home, and naturally I’m feeling that overwhelming sadness that vacation has really finished and I am really heading back to life as normal. One thing I will say, as sad as finishing vacation is, it’s even worse to get back and had absolutely no downtime. So today is the fourth, it is 8:34pm. This means that I will be getting to my destination at 10:30pm tonight and then taking a half hour train ride to my station before a fifteen minute walk to my apartment. I will be getting home fairly late, and then waking up and heading right to work tomorrow. The idea of wasting a precious day of vacation on rest, but at the same time that extra day to come back, unpack and do laundry is well worth losing a day. I will keep that in mind on my next trip. But for now I have so many memories of an amazing vacation. I’ll fill you in on all the details in the coming days.