Everyone needs a Vacation after ‘THE Vacation”

I know you were all wondering where I had disappeared to!! Well After 21 days of non stop activities and trekking across the world, I was exhausted. My body had failed me or maybe I failed to make sure I was properly receiving all the nutrients I needed. Here is a catalog of my woes with sickness.

I went from Snow in Afghanistan, temperature about 15 Degrees to landing in Sunny Dubai! Oh the warmth 🙂 From there I hopped on a plane and flew 7,958 Miles to Atlanta. Now if you are a follower you have read my rants on Recycled Air!! It’s a douzy man! Kicked my Butt. I landed and was greeted by a constant Drizzle 🙁 No bueno. I then left the rain and landed in Sunny Miami!! They had pretty good weather there. Buuuut I believe that the amount of Liquor I was consuming for about 12 hours straight for 5 days weakened my immune system… Now I’m not a doctor or anything,  But I’m assuming it assisted in the loss of my voice. It was a wavering battle for the 5 days that followed, as my return to Rainy Atlanta didn’t help the situation. From there I ventured to LA for a couple of days. initially met with rain it quickly blossomed into beautiful that beautiful Southern Cali weather I love so dearly. Lastly I flew 12 hours to Tokyo, Japan. surprisingly it was cold the whole time and I had to bundle up something fierce.

What I have learned is that every one requires some down time after extensive globe-trotting. I’m in sheer amazement at stars who do promo tours that last a year. I know they have many luxuries but wheeeeeeeew!! It’s a lot of strain on the body to be consistently on the GO!

I’ve returned to work 7 Days a week, 12 hours a day and sleep the 10 that I’m not working. After being back for 14 days I think I am finally recuperating. My next task will b to jump on the Insanity and P90X train to work my body out for Ibiza in June!!! Guess my vacation after THE Vacation is over lol

Smooches!! Love, MistyPooh

Delayed Baggage, So Says Delta

Drunken mornings are always the worst… But having to move with a purpose on a drunken morning is the pits! As I wake up this morning I am struggling to get out the bed, pack, shower, tame this beast I call my hair and check out before 2pm. Actually I lied to you, I’m battling a drunken afternoon lol After a night flirting and falling for Miami I got back to my hotel room at 6am which would be considered Morning. It’s actually 1pm and I’m racing to get to the lobby. The urgency was reiterated by the hotel staff that if I stayed pass 2pm they would charge me for a whole other night. Clevelander isn’t a cheap room either, so In an effort to avoid another $350 USD / night charge I’m running around the room like a mad woman.

I am able to get everything together make it to the lobby and plop down to gather myself. My world spinning around I take a taxi to the airport only feeling my current state deteriorating lol we pull up to the curb and I look around for the SkyPriority Sky Cap. No such luck 🙁 gathering my belongings and wits I head inside to the Sky Priority Desk. You never realize how daunting these small tasks can be until you are not only hungover but really still drunk lol Conversation proceeds as such:

Guy: Hi Ma’am, How can I help you?
Me: Hi, I’m sorry I need a minute . laying my head on the desk.
Guy: lol I’m sorry! We haven’t even started.
Me: ::increduously asking:: you guys don’t have a SkyPriority SkyCap!
Guy: nobody does
Me: Handing my passport I retort, Yes ATLANTA HARTS-FIELD HAS 2!
Guy: oh well they are larger than us.
I mention that I checked in online
He states in an irritated tone well why are you here?
Me: Because I need to check my bags! I can’t do that online.

I guess the man was disgruntled because he had to change stations but the less, I blame his lack of exuberance for cursing my second bag from not coming up on the carasol in Atlanta. Hopefully it pops up!

This particular bag had all my Mac Make up, Chi Blow Dryer, Amika flat irons, jewelry, all Victorias Secret or my unmentionables :), and clothes. I am on vacation I am not in the mood to replace this stuff!!


WHAT!!! I can’t help myself … Im a Flirt!!

Me: Moooooom, Its almost time for me to goOoOo!!

Mom: Hunny, Where are you going?

Me: (Madly states)  OUT!!! Im Grown, why do you always question ME.. I’m going OUT!

Mom: (Replies in a smug tone) Well Miss Grown, Who are you going with? Can I at least know that! 🙁

Me: I’m going out with a Boy, MOM ::huff::  I have been Flirting with him on the internet for the last couple months. He is Adventurous, Out Going, a little Wild I might admit 🙂 Buuuuuuut most importantly GORGEOUS!! and only surrounds himself with GORGEOUS people! Hence Me lol

Mom: Whats this Gorgeous Boys Name?

Me: MoooOOOooom… He lives in Miami and his name is SOUTH BEACH  and im in LOVE…

Well People its about that time, I have 24 hours left in Afghanistan and then im headed to Flirt with Travel and Party my ass off in South Beach, Atlanta, LA and Tokyo, JAPAN!! Wooooooooo

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Ciao babies xoxoxoxoxo Love, MistyPooh



To Luxury or To Sport.. That is the question?

My poderances as of late have been what kind of Vehicle to rent while I am in Atlanta. Ultimately this is the City that I am interested in settling down in. So driving around and becoming familiar one trip at a time is a notion I should become comfortable with…

Renting Vehicles has always served a dual purpose: an extended test drive of a potentially new vehicle I will someday purchase or a means to an end in quick trip transportation. I love my own car so I have never had the urge to just rent a car to rent a car 🙁 Plus I can’t fathom frivolously spending One months car note in a week on something that doesn’t belong to me. Caveat, I do choose my Rental Dealership through whatever SkyMiles is deeming worthy of giving Flight Miles away for lol This is how I operate, I’m a miles hoarder.It’s a disease, when I’m older I might look into it lol Or maybe not because I will have so many miles stashed I’ll be on someones remote island sipping delious rum flavor daquiris out of various fruit shells 😀 Some people worry about their babies health or how their daycare is treating their precious children, I choose to worry about whether or not my next purchase will give me the miles necessary to get to the next coveted level within Delta. Lol I definitely have my priorities together, wouldn’t you say so?? 🙂

I am in between the Luxury/Prestige category or the Sports Category. I am in La La Loooooove with the 2011 Dodge Challenger. They look so sleek, reminiscent of the spirit of old Muscle cars. Beautiful – Strong – Hemi filled – Push Start- Decked out Electronic Console and Dash… Just sends chills through my body. I could pretend Im in the Fast and Furious, Darting through traffic at 5 Pm on  I-85 wind blowing through my hair… Hmmm well maybe not, ill run into the parkinglot Rush hour traffic, that is pretty bad in the City. But I could definitely be a fierce Sex and the City Extra stepping out my Shiny New rental. 🙂 Or should I be more sophisticated and grown and gofor a Premium vehicle.

Boooooooooooy, Let me tell you. I just finished googling and oogling pictures of the insides of a CTS and man! I’m SOLD lol The seats look like they would just hold you until you submitted to a peaceful slumber while you were maneuvered to your final destination. The Cadillac CTS or STS are nice but prices $600/ wk. This my friends is a Car note… and as I type I am coming to the realization that this rental price violates one of my principles in not paying a Monthly Car note on a Vehicle that doesn’t have my name on the Title 😀 Glad I realized that!! But still, My parents will be in town visiting and im not sure if they will feel the same way I feel about the Challenger. Especially climbing out the back of the 2 door Coupe lol Thats really not the image of Grown and Sexy HaHa

Hertz is offering 2000 miles towards my account if I rent with them, plus they offer a discount. But not on the Luxury car, the discount that is. I would still receive the Miles (YaaaaY) Enterprise seemed to have the better pricing plus Car selection that I found on I’m not sure what to do now. I am in a pickle?? Thoughts, Please share!!!

Inbox: Ticket Confirmation!

Today is the day that marks the completion of purchasing ALLLLLLLL my plane tickets. The exhausting and tedious measures placed on buying Plane Tickets has weighed on me for the last couple months. I was insistent on a couple factors 1) Loyalty to SkyTeam, Mainly Delta  2) PRICE, Moola, Dinero, that ChaChing lol I was dedicated to,, I went faithfully twice a day clicking the submit button and anxiously waiting for the right price to just jump out at me. In all honesty, I was waiting for the steals. For the Airlines to give in to my persistence and just cut the tickets in half  lol Juuuust waiting for the moment that some person behind the ticket pricing computer to slip up and have a fat finger moment and drop a zero or lose his mind and the price cut it in half.

This DID Happened BTW. Here are the prices I secured. I did my happy feet dance every time I clicked on the Submit button to purchase my steal. Nothing could keep my inner penguin at bay knowing that I was able to redirect my funds lol Now I can shop till I drop.

I am flying China Southern Airlines From Japan to Dubai for a measely $525 buckaroos! Yes people I said $545 US Dollars lol I was on them!! It went from $1400 on Korean Air to $525 🙂 This placed a huge smile on my face. But to let you in on a little bit of trepedation, I frequently go into my Email and pull up the reservation to verify it wasnt for a trip to Antartica in 2014 lol That would just be no bueno. <~~ One of my catchphrases among many that I steal from my sisters.

Moving along, I was able to book Los Angeles, Ca to Tokyo, Japan for $600. I was excited about that as well.  #TravelTip One way tickets are always pricier that Round trips! Im not to sure on the logic seeing that you are taking up a seat either way but the Airlines feel really jipped when you dont return to your Point of Origin. Just Greed IMO

Dubai to Atlanta One way was $1340. I couldnt help that because I have time contraints placed on me and the prices were holding very steadfast. But I was checking like a Crack Fiend looking for their next hit lol J/K. The upside is that its a straight flight with no layovers and as soon as I land I am able to hit the ground running to take care of my beautification needs.

The other domestic flights were booked on Cyber Monday 11/28/11 which had tremendous flight deals. I got a One way to LA from Atlanta, GA for $150 and a RT from Atlanta to Miami for $210 including taxes. Alot of airlines were on it that day. I will give Kudos to them for that and definitely look foward to Next Cyber Monday to purchase an Around the World Plane Ticket.

All in All I should be Flying about 25,000 miles 🙂 allowing entrance into the SkyMiles Platinum Club. Brings me such joy to type that.

Oh the Decisions!

I just realized that I will be able to leave from Dubai on the 10th of Jan if I wanted to. Can you imagine the oversight if I hadnt figured that out!!! My dilema now is that I love Dubai, but the flight to the States is 15 hours long. Actually, Im not sure if I mentioned that I work Overseas.. Hmm well I work in lovely Afghanistan just as an FYI… Now that we have that little tid bit out the way, should I just knock my beautification out in Dubai, or go ahead fly to the states and contribute to the American economy lol Ohh the decisions!!!!  I frequent Dubai often, so I have all the neccisities discovered and am loyal to them. Oh plus the shopping is amazing ;). I have never met a culture that thoroughly enjoys shopping the way it is in the UAE. I will definitely Blog on their malls once I am there, I am a self proclaim Shopping Addict. I even have my very SA (Shoppers Anonymous) partner 🙂 Whenver I am in the malls I always look at the women in full Burka and recall the scene from Sex and the City 2 where they unrobbed and showed off their fierce fashonista styles! I imagine that at least 60% of the women have a fly wardrobe.

The main point is that I still have time to keep my current reservation and stay and accomplish my transformation immediately. I have to scrub the afghanistan dirt off to unviel a brand new person lol or change my ticket to depart the night of the 10th and fly home for the Makeover…. What to do????

Love, MistyPooh

January Birthday Bash 2012 beginnings

Planning a vacation can be extremely strenuous and time-consuming. Especially if it’s a group trip, You want to do everything that YOU want to do, yet still make the trip fun for everyone else. Right now I am planning my next 21 day vacation. I will be turning 28 Years Old and wanted to do something BIG!! So I decided to do South Beach in all its glory during Martin Luther Kings Jr Weekend. I love Atlanta and will be making it my home so I will visit there and then on to Japan to visit my sister, who happens to be the CoArthur and my partner of Flirting With Travel. Obviously Im shooting for Epic vacation. We always try to rival the franchise The Hangover lol So the planning is tedious. Spontaneity plays a major factor in Epic trips. It always seems like the unplanned and unknown brings the best memories.And isnt that what trips are about, the adventure of getting to your destination and the unknown situations that occur during it? The thing is that you have to always create the environment, Research and knowing the area is HUGE is successfully conquering this new love. You never want to leave feeling like had I just known. With that being said, here is my itinerary for this trip and the details to follow of my planning woes, triumphs and input.

My itinerary for my Jan Birthday 2012 Vacation:

12 Jan – 17 Jan South Beach, Miami

18 Jan -23 Jan Atlanta

23-25 Jan LA ( Maybe overnight to Vegas)

26-Jan -31 Jan Tokyo Japan.


Love, MistyPooh