WHAT!!! I can’t help myself … Im a Flirt!!

Me: Moooooom, Its almost time for me to goOoOo!!

Mom: Hunny, Where are you going?

Me: (Madly states)  OUT!!! Im Grown, why do you always question ME.. I’m going OUT!

Mom: (Replies in a smug tone) Well Miss Grown, Who are you going with? Can I at least know that! 🙁

Me: I’m going out with a Boy, MOM ::huff::  I have been Flirting with him on the internet for the last couple months. He is Adventurous, Out Going, a little Wild I might admit 🙂 Buuuuuuut most importantly GORGEOUS!! and only surrounds himself with GORGEOUS people! Hence Me lol

Mom: Whats this Gorgeous Boys Name?

Me: MoooOOOooom… He lives in Miami and his name is SOUTH BEACH  and im in LOVE…

Well People its about that time, I have 24 hours left in Afghanistan and then im headed to Flirt with Travel and Party my ass off in South Beach, Atlanta, LA and Tokyo, JAPAN!! Wooooooooo

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Ciao babies xoxoxoxoxo Love, MistyPooh