Wanderlust: The Birth of Las Vegas Curated Itineraries

Living in Las Vegas always gives the allure to friends, family and just everyone else that I am a party girl and can get them into everything for free.  ::Side Eye::  Shoot, I can barely get myself into stuff free!!! The truth is I am a homebody, Le Sigh. The only time I leave my area is for deeply discounted events, locals only deals and most importantly free shit. With that being said, it is impossible to tell my friends and family I don’t know where to go or what there is to do. Really its sacrilegious and truly unacceptable to utter those phrases lol So because of this I have become the local tour guide and event coordinator for all things Vegas.

So that means you Flirts are in luck. I will be able to pass all my insider knowledge on to you so you look like a Rockstar to your peoples when you come. I have curated itineraries and things to do with reviews, so you have an amazing time whenever you are in Vegas Baby!!

Simply said, Your’e Welcome 😀

Let’s Make A Deal!!! Bucket List: Game Show

The other day my older Brother was looking for someone to go with him to play on the Lets Make A Deal Show, which airs on CBS and is hosted by Wayne Brady. out in Los Angeles.  I jumped at the chance to go. I love Sunny California and have never been on a game show. I figured I could add this to my bucket list and then scratch it off lol, very much like an amended Bucket List Item. Don’t judge Me.
You have to dress up in a crazy costume and have a big personality to get pulled up on stage. They interview each contestant when they are outside standing in line to get a sense of who is out there and who to start watching to pull up and play the games with Wayne Brady. Now honestly, I’m more a reserved sarcastic person that can be outgoing, but I was in the land of Actors and Actresses that bubble high energy. I was no competition thus was not one of the “chosen few” to have a crack at winning some free Shit. When we were brought on to set, they sat us in a corner and kept reiterating that no seat is a bad seat. I believed it at first… Until this old craggedy wrinkle, faced geezer was sat next to us and kept on falling asleep. That is a bad seat!! For real for real a TERRIBLE seat, cameras cant pan on you because she is over there slobbering and knocked out. That means no camera time for us. Sad Face.

Either way we went in and laughed, danced, screamed and had a good ole time. Even though I didn’t end up winning a car or money, family time on set of Lets Make A Deal was an awesome experience.

Until next time Love You Always… Misty


Can you ever really go home again?

Coming Home

So, I have just gotten back to my apartment after an impromptu trip back home to Las Vegas. the most important thing to mention is that this was not  a vacation or a leisure trip, I had a family emergency and had that scary situation of ‘If I keep to a budget I can’t afford to go, but on an emotional level, can I afford not to go?’ So with that I packed my bags and bought that painfully expensive ticket to the United States. Now one thing I would like to mention as being wrong with the world is that my round-trip airplane ticket to Las Vegas cost more than my last vacation to Ogasawara Islands. It cost more than my three city New Year vacation. It was actually right on par with my entire trip to China. My ENTIRE trip to China; food, plane ticket, admission to attractions, hotel, personal tour guide and personal driver. There seems to be something very not right about that situation.

But ultimately, I chose to go home, and I do not regret it. It was a very different trip then what I expected from my first travel home to be. I imagined getting a hotel room and partying almost around the clock for the first few days, binging on all the American food that had been missing from my life and general all-around merriment. This trip was quite contrary, I spent the first few days hanging around the hospital. The next few days were spent sitting around the house.


There was no partying, there weren’t even a whole lot of errands getting done. But I did get to have my food experience.

I had come home with a mental list of the things that I missed, the foods that I could no logner do without. It consisted of authentic Mexican food, In&Out, buffalo wings, pizza with no mystery or surprise ingredients like corn or mayonnaise, Coldstone ice cream, home cooked BBQ, and Del Taco.  There were other small things that occurred to me that got fit into the food rotation like a bite of my sisters Clam Chowder, or that red velvet pazooki. (Check left for the red velevet half-baked cookie topped with rich vanilla ice cream)

The Mexican food alone brought me so much joy that its hard to articulate with the exception that I was amazing to see a full size serving of nacho chips and an artery-clogging amount of cheese smothering my burritos.


There weren’t too many surprises, or oven a lot of reverse culture shock, although I was constantly aware of exactly how noisy my sisters are (for when they read this, love you, mean it). But also how much I miss our conversations. Compared to them, my meanest rhetoric comes off sounding very nice, they are vicious creatures.

I suppose one thing that surprised me was how I felt when I set down my bags in my apartment in Japan again. Coming from China and other vacations I had felt such a relief to be home, but coming from Las Vegas, I couldn’t generate that ‘thank God I’m home’ feeling. Instead, I did have that ‘thank God for the silence’ feeling. But after wandering around my home home in Las Vegas in the kitchen totally unable to remember where the everyday glassware is hiding, I truly realized that my home was not the house. It really was being surrounded by my family, and as we have all scattered tho the four corners of the earth, only reunited by major emergency events, I come to the grave realization that there really is no going home, only going forward and hoping that home will follow.


The airport/water scam

So you are forced to throw out all liquids before security. Then at the gate, when you’ve been waiting for ages and you’re dying of thirst you wonder if it’s worth it to buy a bottle. I just paid $3.99 for a 500ml bottle of water. $3.99. These people are cleaning up and breaking my heart all at once.

Oh TimeShare TimeShare TimeShare, What am I going to do with you??

Sigh…. I am one of the many people who were suckered in by the unbelievable tokens of promises that TimeShare would unequivocally make my dreams of consistent affordable travel true. I was lured in by the miniscule bread crumbs showing massive savings on my yearly travel, ease of booking and in general contentment knowing that im guaranteed a vacation every year. Booooooy, Did they saw me coming lol I was bamboozled, Hoodwinked I tell ya! 😀

Situation: Owner of 2 Westgate Properties, floating Bi-annual weeks.

Problem: I don’t vacation in Orlando often, But I bought the 2 bedroom lock off because they said I would have greater trading power. Secondly, I also own in Vegas on the strip but I havent been there in almost a year so it’s of no use at the present moment. Really, its cheaper to just book the getaways that are offered through my memberships with Interval International and Westgate Cruise and Travel.

So, Let me start my story off by sharing that just last week I was completely content with the foreboding feeling like I might have been duped into buying one of the worst investments ever lol However, This week I’m livid. They took $958.00 out of my account unannounced!!! Said cost were for the Annual Maintenance and HOA fees I was told over the phone. Now riddle me this; why would I pay that in a lump sum when I am making monthly payments on everything else. The simplicity of this question, aggravates me to my core because I would never agree to something as silly as that. I am not rich! Yet, Contractually I missed that detail. Word to the wise when you are sitting there with them talking, actually read the information as well. My Bad!

Hmm, Maybe the real problem is that I have planned and will be going in 3 DAYS on an amazing fun-filled, educated, drunken stupor, jet setting Holiday. I have been counting down to this for a couple of months now. I didn’t use any of my timeshare on this trip, so you can imagine how flabbergasted I was when I checked my account. I needed my little duckets to splurge on whatever frivolous thing I felt would add to the experience. Now I am left resenting Westgate for biting into my vacation pockets 🙁

A little Education morsel.. Selling a timeshare that has been recently purchased is worst than trying to sell a overinflated home your purchased during the real estate boom! At best I’ve seen people buying them for half the value, but then it is up to you to compensate the other half. If you didnt secure secondary financing or Just pay the property off during the 0% time frame, you are now stuff with a ridiculously high interest rate. They give you 10 years to pay them off. But depending on what type of unit you bought the features might change, the property become older and the general area could disinterest you. Anyway I have attached pictures of the Vegas location. I love it, very nice.