Travel Quote of The Day

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read a page.”

– Saint Augustine

A Great New Years resolution quote!


Blowing in the Wind

Days such as today, remind me that escaping is a necessity. Vacations are a must! After a 16 hour day, the pressure for constant creative ingenuity leaves a craving to just SHUT DOWN, curl up into a ball and sleep. However, life isn’t like that! Not for me at least…. This leaves me lusting for an exotic adventure… A fling with a country that allows you let let go of your inhibitions and just be! No pressure to create, conform, maximize or any of the other synonyms that insinuate productivity for a Fortune 500 company. At this very moment all I want to do is sit still on a slice of gorgeous heaven on earth and let the universe whisper sweet nothing’s to me.. This is why I Flirt With Travel. Soothes my soul.

What do you do for a momentary relaxation?

Love, MistyPooh


Excitement.. Translate in French

I love flirting with travel… I’m especially in love with the courting process of finding that special place.. Love at first sight, the butterflies you get from hearing all the amazing things… Imaging the sights you will experience together, the dinners you will enjoy. Creating those magnificent experiences that you will continually tell your grand kids about! I’m in love with that feeling of getting lost in the cultural and experiencing something different!

I have booked all the major necessities to make a trip happen: Flight and Hotel. I looked into purchasing my trains, however Morocco hasn’t decided to come completely into the new century and allow online booking and most importantly put their site in a language besides French- I DON’T SPEAK OR READ FRENCH! Lol who in this day and age only offers 1 language on a international website. Morocco, that’s who!!!! But that is ok, I will just learn how to coo to my new crush in their native tongue. Oi Oi.. See Learning already! 🙂

I will be landing in Casablanca. Having just watched Mr.Bogart perform in what placed this beautiful abounding city on the map I was psyched. However, after some light reading I learned that its extremely westernized and very modern. Kinda bummed but ill manage! After a day or so I will be heading to Marrakech by train and exploring. My accommodations seem amazing and have received glowing reviews! Definitely excited.

Stay tuned flirts…. Our next talks will be on Riads, a staple in the hotel industry when visiting Morocco.

Lava Sprung Rain Forrest

Costa Rica Arenal Volcano trail walk, our tour guide Jose was so informative! He was amazing! I learned so much from him about Eco tourism, and how it has grown in Costa Rica in the last 50-60 years. The Arenal region is mixture of primal rainforrest and secondary rain forest. Jose said that the reason there are so many different species of vegetation is from the ground providing so many minerals due to the eruptions of the Volcano, the lava deposits actually left the ground extremely rich. They also have created a man made lake that is fed by 3 or 4 different rivers which in turn is used as a hydro electric damn point providing 70% of Costa Ricas electricity. The government created this and now over 90% of the country has electricity. Their land is naturally protected by the government so that nature can thrive.

Oh he also left this tid bit about the feeding the monkeys and animals to bring them out so that the tourist could see them. The tour guides found that tourist were happier when they saw the wild life. So to make the most if this the guides found that by giving the monkeys bananas it would routinely brought them out. This in turn made the monkeys no longer scared of humans and would approach for the morsels of deliciousness. What they didn’t realize is that the monkeys that are indigenous to Costa Rica have a completely different make up than those from Africa. The potassium rich fruit was hurting the stomachs of the monkeys in Costa Rica creating blockages and what not. They weren’t able to process the fruit in their stomach which began causing issues, coupled with the adverse affect is had for the generations to come, The species lost the ability to search for food and germinate the region and solely became dependent on the food that was being doled out by the humans.

An investigation was launched by the Costa Rican government which resulted in tour guides being reprimanded for further actions. They were taught the repercussion a of their actions and now you are not allowed to feed the animals in the Rain Forrest.








Its Not Rafting Til…


At least that’s what the locals believe lol excited to be in a new country and being one with nature participating in Eco Tourism, we headed to raft on a beautifully humid and sunny morning. Like any first experience we had our reservations but our tour guide, Rocky, promised we had optimal weather and water conditions. Great water flow, beautiful weather PERFECT.

I was pumped, I took my Dramamine so my motion sickness was quelled. How do I know this you ask? Well its simple we drove 30 minutes through the twisty and winedy Arenal Volcano hills to reach the Balsa River  and arrived with out a problem within my body.

After basic instructions in which Rocky would be yelling out for the rowers , The Rowers being us , to follow he put the raft in the water and we headed out. It began simple… Just floating, then Rocky would bellow in his raspy Costa Rican accent Front. We began the row in sync forward. What I learned later is that it provided directional guidance for the raft not just to move us forward. The first pocket of bubbling water we hit was enthralling!!! You had to bear down and row through the rockiness while water sputtered and slapped you in the face. We continued and got comfortable with the momentum, my boyfriend who was my companion loves adventure! Obviously he was not feeling enough Adrenaline coursing through his veins, so for the group he asked if we could go faster? I Gave him the side eye o_O and thought we are still novices lol. Lets just enjoy this!!! But Rocky obliged and roared front hard! So front hard we rowed towards the “Crazy Hole” I really couldn’t give you all the details because they are blurry I just know one minute I was in the raft and the next lol I’m out flying down the river hitting every damn rock in the Balsa River. Now, as a safety briefing the instructions were given that if for any reason you fall out get on your back and float forward feet forward so if you do see a boulder you can bounce of it with your feet. Well gravity wasn’t having that, in fact I wasn’t floating. I was like a spearheaded rocket flying through the river towards what I considered imminent danger and serious injury!!!! Instead my body kept turning around so I would swiftly flow head first. It was a feat to keep my body up and not sink but it became easier after every time my legs started to sink  and hit every rock lining this death of a river. What I do remember  is that I was a floundering expletive speeding down the river lol cussing up a storm as I was assaulted and drowned by the water. I must have looked terrible because the guy was yelling life saving techniques as I kept going under lol I finally was able to grab the kayak that he was in for what seemed like support. But it was more like a bullet speeding through the rivers allowing my legs to get drug on the rocks. Finally the raft caught up to me and the pulled me in. I just sat there heaving, thinking im so over this lol

Once on break we ate some fruit that they picked up on the morning ride over, I have to say that was THE BEST pineapples that I have ever ate. Mouth watering, juicy, sweet. There was a wasp that kept trying to land on the pieces in my hand so I believe that he felt the same. Not wanting to be stung, I was doing creative twirls to take bites lol

After the break we got back in and continued. My Boyfriend, however, was very leery lolol he didn’t like being drug on the rocks and beat up by gravity. So he was calm lol we proceeded down with out incident and had a great time. Gorgeous site, Rocky went and found a Dart Frog ( Poisonous) and pointed out sloths, various birds. All in a great experience that I would do again!

Mmmmm tap dancing crabs!

Sometimes traveling can happen in the kitchen. Lately I have become a Seafood Boil fanatic. The funny thing is that, I’m not to hot on Seafood. Neither is my older brother, in fact he said years ago he was mentally scarred and doesn’t think he will ever rightfully rebound. The story is as follows, our mother was going to make 2 whole crabs for dinner. After finding 2 succulent, gorgeous crabs that were frozen she bought them and headed home placing them in the freezer. Later she told my brother to take them out to thaw, doing as told he approaches the freezer and hears a tapping noise. Not really understanding what the noise was he ignored it and proceeded to open the freezer door and saw empty crab packaging, perplexed he blinked only to see a semi thawed crab falling out the freezer moving around frantically lol 🙂 needless to say he screamed like a little girl and ran!!! Lol But that southern twang seems to be callin my name. Slow graceful moving hips New Orleans, LA has been my motivation. Flavored everything tickling my taste buds, paired with some earthy jazz, pop a cork of your favorite red wine and just season. Hot, humid and sticky, nostrils dancing from all the spices! I get to do two of my favorite things… Travel and cook!






The Visa Debacle

Visa, every where you want to be!! Ya Damn skippy lol but in this case it’s not about the credit card, its about this stupid Multi Entry Exit Visa for Qatar!!! The freakin bane of my existence. The last week and a half have been consumed of plans for my escape!!! I bragged and rubbed it in people’s faces that I would be in Qatar for a week just chilling. Doing absolutely nothing except listening to some boring briefs and then sitting by the pool lol there is no greater joy than to relax by the pool sipping on a refreshing beverage in my opinion. But nooooooooooooo the Qatar government didn’t want that. They decided to make me sit my over privileged American ass down in Afghanistan and continue to suffer lol

When I tell you I was on some Bill Collector harassment ish you better believe it. I was literally calling the Qatari Consulate top of the hour every hour leaving creepy voice mails begging Muhammad Hussein Ahkbar (fictitious name btw, I don’t really remember it I have been in a daze) to give me a visa. I think when I finally got through to him, he instantly recognized my voice and told me “no ma’am you cannot come to this country, or I’ll deport you myself!!! In fact I could get in trouble just by talking to you. Do you want to be blacklisted from this country ma’am??” slightly appalled but still desperate I replied DEPORTED!!! I’m American dammit lol He then promptly told me he could offer me no help and bid a good day. Needless to say I’m defeated. I called the US Embassy in DC, Kabul and Dubai plus checked with the Qatar consulate in DC and Qatar. Called the Air Force Base in Qatar far more times than I will admit and came up short, defeated, empty, just a loser lol

Due to the Al Udied AF Base being a non American base they came up with the new visa for Americans flying through the base. I personally feel it was all for money but hey who am I? But a defeated American who can’t enjoy her pool side time. Better luck next time I suppose… ::sigh:: Visa every where you want to be lmao!!!

Ciao my Flirts


Ogasawara Picture Collage

Absolutely gorgeous island!!!