Travel Quote of The Day

“Everything I was I carry with me. Everything I will be lies waiting on the road ahead.”

Whether your passion is to travel and experience the wonders of the world, to be an innovator and create the new “IT” thing or simply touch a persons life for the better… Your journey only begins once you take a step, don’t slow your growth.

Travel Quote of the Day

“All of our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.”

–Walt Disney

With anything Inaction speaks volumes to your soul!! Find your inner courage and trust your instincts. These are the feelings I am growing to embody.

Hair Knot, Waste Not!

When traveling, its essential to remember all the minor details. I checked and doubled checked for socks, undies, toiletries and Undies… Yes I always triple check for the unmentionables! lol However something as simple as a Hair Tie I forgot! FORGOT. Completely slipped my mind, maybe due to the fact I am rocking this fabulous kinky twist style #werk girl thus allowing one to become care free. But regardless of how fly I felt, I didnt pack a scrunchie. Leaving the small minute nuances of my hair constantly falling in my face or just all over the place whenever I’m trying to get my bags and get off the plane / train has always there. You would think that would be an easy solution. As annoying it is, its became deceitfully difficult when in stores, shops around the medina to get a hair tie. Its escaped me on so many occasions, that I decided to blog about it and just give updates on the annoyances of allowing ones hair to be all over the place!!

I have placed some simple styles that you can accomplish with out anything but your long hair! All were accomplished by tucking tying or braiding.

XOXO Flirts


Blowing in the Wind

Days such as today, remind me that escaping is a necessity. Vacations are a must! After a 16 hour day, the pressure for constant creative ingenuity leaves a craving to just SHUT DOWN, curl up into a ball and sleep. However, life isn’t like that! Not for me at least…. This leaves me lusting for an exotic adventure… A fling with a country that allows you let let go of your inhibitions and just be! No pressure to create, conform, maximize or any of the other synonyms that insinuate productivity for a Fortune 500 company. At this very moment all I want to do is sit still on a slice of gorgeous heaven on earth and let the universe whisper sweet nothing’s to me.. This is why I Flirt With Travel. Soothes my soul.

What do you do for a momentary relaxation?

Love, MistyPooh


Excitement.. Translate in French

I love flirting with travel… I’m especially in love with the courting process of finding that special place.. Love at first sight, the butterflies you get from hearing all the amazing things… Imaging the sights you will experience together, the dinners you will enjoy. Creating those magnificent experiences that you will continually tell your grand kids about! I’m in love with that feeling of getting lost in the cultural and experiencing something different!

I have booked all the major necessities to make a trip happen: Flight and Hotel. I looked into purchasing my trains, however Morocco hasn’t decided to come completely into the new century and allow online booking and most importantly put their site in a language besides French- I DON’T SPEAK OR READ FRENCH! Lol who in this day and age only offers 1 language on a international website. Morocco, that’s who!!!! But that is ok, I will just learn how to coo to my new crush in their native tongue. Oi Oi.. See Learning already! 🙂

I will be landing in Casablanca. Having just watched Mr.Bogart perform in what placed this beautiful abounding city on the map I was psyched. However, after some light reading I learned that its extremely westernized and very modern. Kinda bummed but ill manage! After a day or so I will be heading to Marrakech by train and exploring. My accommodations seem amazing and have received glowing reviews! Definitely excited.

Stay tuned flirts…. Our next talks will be on Riads, a staple in the hotel industry when visiting Morocco.

Love, Family and Travel.

I have fallen in love with a Man and yes this one is of Flesh and Bones  lol 🙂 He has kids, so this is where the family life begins I guess. What I have learned, well more come to the realization is that once you have young children the types of vacations you take change. The frequency of traveling slows and becoming responsible takes precedence. This all at first was overwhelming to say the least. I felt that my dreams of Jetsetting all over the world would have to slow down tremendously. But like anything in life we are all faced with choices. To choose to leave the situation and move on with your own selfish wants and desires or To make the choice to proceed and  endeavor on a joint venture with a person you feel completes you in life. With that being said I came to the conclusion that some vacations would be family affairs and others romantic getaways but all WILL be imaginative discoveries of far off places that will entice even the youngest to learn to love flirting with the intangible spirit of the world. We can only do Disney once lol unless its a goal to go to every Disney park int he world!! Which is actually a cool way to journal travel. See I beleive that comprimise and understanding is paramount in meshing together as a family and Couple. Learning the importance of what one needs, wants, desires should always be an underlying sentiment when growing together. So I give up some traveling and he and his kids takes on a world of undiscovered pleasures that I love. We will all grow together and take on bits and pieces of the others that we never had.

Let the journey begin…….. xoxoxoxo Dolls Love, MistyPooh

Greece…Doesnt He sound Sexy

I like to think of Greece as a Bond type of man. Breath taking handsome, sweeps you off your feet and makes you get lost in his Sunsets!!! I can’t find one picture that can mar the face of  Santorini, Greece. This is my love. I was awe stricken when I first  laid eyes upon this beauty online. I do plan on making love to this beautiful man! He has just left me no choice. This is my struggle when I begin to flirt and fall in love with travel 🙂

It’s probably THE most famous thing to do on Santorini, but witnessing a sunset at the very tip of Oia they say is a must for first-time visitors. Also, Santorini’s a good wine-growing island, and the landscape is adorned with endless fields of grapes. I plan on plucking a few and feasting on one of the the juiciest of my favorite fruits.

I am currently trying to book my stay in Santorini, Greece. What I am learning is that this Gem is a tad bit difficult to get to; Furthermore quite expensive if you are sticking with your normal airlines lol I am a loyal Sky Team member but I’m thinking I might have to ditch them in order for this to be affordable. Delta just quoted me some retarded figure to fly from Dubai to Santorini. I will share, they told me $2428.oo USD!!  O_o <~~ Those were my eye balls when I looked at it lol Now this is a romantic getaway, you understand. Not a Honeymoon or a Wedding destination or a proposal spot. Well who knows on the latter 😀 But to spend $10,000 on 5 days is just not happening lol No way, No How Siree!!

Still this handsome devil is luring me in…A luck has might have it though with some continuous looking I was able to find Qatar Airways for $592 USD from Dubai to Athens and then  Aegen Air from Athens to Santorini for $169 USD. These are all RT fares. I can do that but my heart is slightly breaking at the thought of the lost mileage that I wont be accruing!!

Even when I dreaming and planning my way to these love affairs, Cost is my number one concern! We all want to maximize our visits and leave thoroughly pleased with every choice we have made.

My first fish market

So today’s quest for seasonal strawberry picking in Shizuoka turned out to be a bust. We weren’t with a tour group so they turned us away like strays. Nevertheless, the Shizuoka area is very close to a port, so we went for lunch. I had a tuna steak smothered in mushrooms and garlic. And after I went to my first fish market. They seemed to have more dried fish as opposed to fresh fish, but it had the requisite fishy scent and whole fishes staring at you like “why?”.

We went with a mission, everyone had to spend ¥1000 (roughly $8) on fish for tonight’s dinner. I bought an octopus tentacle and some random (I don’t know it’s name) fish that everyone said was 安い (pronounced yasui, cheap). We shall see how this turns out.
















Everyone needs a Vacation after ‘THE Vacation”

I know you were all wondering where I had disappeared to!! Well After 21 days of non stop activities and trekking across the world, I was exhausted. My body had failed me or maybe I failed to make sure I was properly receiving all the nutrients I needed. Here is a catalog of my woes with sickness.

I went from Snow in Afghanistan, temperature about 15 Degrees to landing in Sunny Dubai! Oh the warmth 🙂 From there I hopped on a plane and flew 7,958 Miles to Atlanta. Now if you are a follower you have read my rants on Recycled Air!! It’s a douzy man! Kicked my Butt. I landed and was greeted by a constant Drizzle 🙁 No bueno. I then left the rain and landed in Sunny Miami!! They had pretty good weather there. Buuuut I believe that the amount of Liquor I was consuming for about 12 hours straight for 5 days weakened my immune system… Now I’m not a doctor or anything,  But I’m assuming it assisted in the loss of my voice. It was a wavering battle for the 5 days that followed, as my return to Rainy Atlanta didn’t help the situation. From there I ventured to LA for a couple of days. initially met with rain it quickly blossomed into beautiful that beautiful Southern Cali weather I love so dearly. Lastly I flew 12 hours to Tokyo, Japan. surprisingly it was cold the whole time and I had to bundle up something fierce.

What I have learned is that every one requires some down time after extensive globe-trotting. I’m in sheer amazement at stars who do promo tours that last a year. I know they have many luxuries but wheeeeeeeew!! It’s a lot of strain on the body to be consistently on the GO!

I’ve returned to work 7 Days a week, 12 hours a day and sleep the 10 that I’m not working. After being back for 14 days I think I am finally recuperating. My next task will b to jump on the Insanity and P90X train to work my body out for Ibiza in June!!! Guess my vacation after THE Vacation is over lol

Smooches!! Love, MistyPooh