Hair Knot, Waste Not!

When traveling, its essential to remember all the minor details. I checked and doubled checked for socks, undies, toiletries and Undies… Yes I always triple check for the unmentionables! lol However something as simple as a Hair Tie I forgot! FORGOT. Completely slipped my mind, maybe due to the fact I am rocking this fabulous kinky twist style #werk girl thus allowing one to become care free. But regardless of how fly I felt, I didnt pack a scrunchie. Leaving the small minute nuances of my hair constantly falling in my face or just all over the place whenever I’m trying to get my bags and get off the plane / train has always there. You would think that would be an easy solution. As annoying it is, its became deceitfully difficult when in stores, shops around the medina to get a hair tie. Its escaped me on so many occasions, that I decided to blog about it and just give updates on the annoyances of allowing ones hair to be all over the place!!

I have placed some simple styles that you can accomplish with out anything but your long hair! All were accomplished by tucking tying or braiding.

XOXO Flirts


Excitement.. Translate in French

I love flirting with travel… I’m especially in love with the courting process of finding that special place.. Love at first sight, the butterflies you get from hearing all the amazing things… Imaging the sights you will experience together, the dinners you will enjoy. Creating those magnificent experiences that you will continually tell your grand kids about! I’m in love with that feeling of getting lost in the cultural and experiencing something different!

I have booked all the major necessities to make a trip happen: Flight and Hotel. I looked into purchasing my trains, however Morocco hasn’t decided to come completely into the new century and allow online booking and most importantly put their site in a language besides French- I DON’T SPEAK OR READ FRENCH! Lol who in this day and age only offers 1 language on a international website. Morocco, that’s who!!!! But that is ok, I will just learn how to coo to my new crush in their native tongue. Oi Oi.. See Learning already! 🙂

I will be landing in Casablanca. Having just watched Mr.Bogart perform in what placed this beautiful abounding city on the map I was psyched. However, after some light reading I learned that its extremely westernized and very modern. Kinda bummed but ill manage! After a day or so I will be heading to Marrakech by train and exploring. My accommodations seem amazing and have received glowing reviews! Definitely excited.

Stay tuned flirts…. Our next talks will be on Riads, a staple in the hotel industry when visiting Morocco.