Gay Oh… Oh My :)

Today is kind of lethargic day for me. I’m not in the mood to really do anything!! 🙁 But I am at work lol I kinda have to be here,  whether I like it or not. I always say its something like Indentured slavery lol Thats extreme but you will get to know that I am a bit of an exaggeration. Not overly dramatic though, I don’t want to be known as a drama queen….

Anyway on to more productive talk… Today in my laziness, I was able to push through and gather random travel knowledge through my favorite pastime GOOGLE!!!  I ran across this site Pronounced Gay Oh. It is pretty informative, I read a couple of articles on First and Business Class flights. Mind you I don’t fly First Class UNLESS I am upgraded as a perk lol I just don’t want to afford that..  But the way that these Airlines are upgrading the First Class sections, Especially for International flights is pretty amazing.

For example: Emirates Airlines serves 5 course lunches and dinners, has an onboard Bar for the First Class passengers to mingle at and if you don’t want to get up from your seat that fully extends into a bed, there is a built-in Mini Bar in the seat and a 21 inch monitor to watch over 1200 movies on. This all can be experienced for a nominal fee of $5500 USD lol


I was in awe! Th site also like different locations and their offerings. Transportation and the typical prices they charge. Of course reviews and recommendations for Hotels, restaurants and different events in the region you are looking at.

Check it out

Love, MistyPooh

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