2 words: Recycled Air

Over the course of my 21 day vacation I will be clocking about 23,000 flying miles. And as ecstatic as my SkyMiles Delta account is for this boost, my health is not so much.

Airlines recycle the air on the planes. I haven’t googled the facts on this yet lol but I can tell you I have been fighting a losing battle with trying to keep my voice!! I sound like a very hoarse and handsome young lady lol every time I land and get off a plane I am self medicating just to lose it again on the next plane ride.

The number one question I’m asked is why are you whispering lol in which I continuously reply I’m actually yelling just so I can be heard. Coincidentally I’m typing all this while I breathe in recycled air on Korean Air. This is a newer AirBus 380 so they don’t have the vents you can direct to blow right down on you. Its the system of cooling off a plane inita entirety. Yaay me, more recycled air inhalation. I am just having to deal with the fact that my body is slightly warm and I’m breathing in others filtered bad breath, farts and sickness!!! Lol anywho turbulence has hit so I need to conserve my energy to keep my body cool since I can’t turn the it up. Maybe they got rid of that feature because it exerted to much energy. I will say I miss that feature.

Until next time smooches!! MistyPooh

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