Alas, Delta Treats Me Like Gold


I would say that I am a loyal person, I would also say I am more loyal to those that give me perks!! I am a Medallion Sky Miles member and am extremely faithful. I fly no one else but Delta or a SkyTeam Member. So when I finally hit Gold Status I wanted to leap for joy lol Now I get the perks of priority baggage, front of the line treatment, curbside service and angel that fans my face while I sleep in Economy Comfort <– hahaha … A bit much! I know but the point is that I am GOLD!! and they know it.

ADVICE: Once you start traveling frequently, its important to find the programs that work for you. There is a bit of research involved in it and some  trial and error but you have to find what works for you. You need to be loyal to a flight program. Check to see which airline hubs at your local airport. If you don’t have an Airline that Hubs see what flies the most in your region. Like I love Delta, Delta Hubs out of Atlanta. I practically live in Atlanta therefore it’s a good deal. I will do a whole blog on the Award Tickets, upgrades fees and what not.

Also  You should join a Hotel Loyalty program. I am with Starwood and Marriott. The chance that you will find one in anywhere around the world is Amazing. Plus the Hotel standard transcends all countries so I will never end up in a dump. I know with Marriot its like 10 stays and you get a free stay. I will do a blog primarily about that one to.

I do my rental cars through the SkyMiles. But if you rent cars often they have loyalty programs as well.

My triumph here is that my hard work and dedication to flying 15000 miles Round Trip 2x a year and little trips in between has finally paid off!!! I am constantly on,, It’s easy to see the cheaper tickets and jump, but the thing is that when you purchase you are just saving right then. Its like Retirements you forecast for the long run. You want the perks of going into Airport lounges for free, Complimentary Upgrades and discounted Award Travel oh and Companion flights. So you might pay more sometimes for staying Loyal but in the end the comps are so much better if you are planning on frequently traveling!!

Love, MistyPooh

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