Days like these :-/

Nobody told me there be days like these, days like these!!! I can’t get that chorus out of my head… ALthough it makes me melancholy and think of all my loves abroad. Afghanistan is over rated. I get bored with it sooo quickly. All the men ever want to do is throw bombs at me or Pray. Not that I have anything against praying, but can a girl get a little fun in her life. All they ever want to give me is a Burka… I don’t want no damn BURKA! Thats what I keep screaming at least 🙂 Needless to say I get bug eye awe inspired gawks due to my refusal to mesh with the culture.

Plus it’s snowing here, I’m over the snow. Leaves me thinking of Sunny breezy beaches with colorful drinks that have umbrellas in them. Yummm makes me warm up inside! lol

Well I will trudge ahead through the snow and muddy melted ice water… untill next time xoxoxo

Love, Misty Pooh

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