Exploring Tokyo, a year in

So I have officially lived in Japan for over a year. I genuinely cannot believe that statement. I haven had so much fun being here and exploring around Japan. My goal was to take a trip once a month to somewhere new, a new city or island. And you would be amazed at what adding in a weekend getaway monthly does for your mood at work. However, I now realize, constantly getting away has stopped me from exploring the beast that is Tokyo. So while Mistypooh visits me at the end of this month, I will make it my life’s mission to show her to cool parts of Tokyo that I know, and to really dig my heels in deep and learn more about it.

With six days, and one of the biggest Andy most lively cities, there is almost no time for sleep. Tokyo is amazing because at one train station you get off and it’s contemporary, sky scrapers and all gigantic. Two stations away it’s history, shrines and old Japan. And yet, two station away from that it’s neon tacky, hi-tech gadgetry stuffed into every crevice.

While Tokyo is a city you could literally dedicate a year to and never come out the other side having done it all, I want to give her a taste of the best parts. Thus, I offer, Shibuya for shopping and just being in a crowd so massive you feel swallowed up. Tokyo Tower to view the kingdom. Maybe a day away in Kamakura to get in the history. Yokohama to live a little port town, with a side of massive China Town. Harajuku for people watching, Asakusa for famed temples, Ageha for clubbing, Hakone for hot springs, Tsukiji for sushi, and the airport whe. She can’t take anymore and needs to collapse into a delightful coma.

All in all, I’m psyched.



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