F’n Groupon!!!!

If I could smack someone through email I would. I can only describe the feeling that I have as rage. How dare Groupon advertise this gorgeous, sexy property to have it snatched from my fingers by the owner!!!! Boy, I tell you. I was super excited today. Well really this shameful debacle has been going on for the last couple days! So I was super excited yesterday, when we purchased an awesome Sea Garden Villa with private plunge pool in Koh Samui, Thailand for pennies I tell ya PENNIES. A Gorgeous traditional Thai room with some modern ties and glowing reviews. Now I’m a Groupon whore, so I understand the fine print game. Read, re-read, take a break and then read once more to make sure you aren’t bamboozled into a product you either don’t want or worst CAN’T USE. In this case We CANT USE it. I’m currently in knee deep with the owner. I’m ready to take him to the mattress so to speak for a beating. He won’t honor nor work with us, just leaves me disgusted. So I’m requesting a REFUND, either from him or Groupon, all I want is my little Duckets (money) back ASAP. Cus what I do know is that SOMEBODY on this email riddled virtual war is giving me a refund. Elements Boutique Resort sucks!!!

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    • Love, MistyPooh
      Love, MistyPooh says:

      I am in love with Groupon and have never experienced this. I think the manager for Elements Resort was new to advertising with Groupon and forgot to list the specific stipulations. Im sure he learned, never the less I was in love with the property and now am on the prowl for an equally lovely property. Guess you live and learn. I also like Livingsocial.com I just have never purchased a getaway from the site.


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