Greece…Doesnt He sound Sexy

I like to think of Greece as a Bond type of man. Breath taking handsome, sweeps you off your feet and makes you get lost in his Sunsets!!! I can’t find one picture that can mar the face of  Santorini, Greece. This is my love. I was awe stricken when I first  laid eyes upon this beauty online. I do plan on making love to this beautiful man! He has just left me no choice. This is my struggle when I begin to flirt and fall in love with travel 🙂

It’s probably THE most famous thing to do on Santorini, but witnessing a sunset at the very tip of Oia they say is a must for first-time visitors. Also, Santorini’s a good wine-growing island, and the landscape is adorned with endless fields of grapes. I plan on plucking a few and feasting on one of the the juiciest of my favorite fruits.

I am currently trying to book my stay in Santorini, Greece. What I am learning is that this Gem is a tad bit difficult to get to; Furthermore quite expensive if you are sticking with your normal airlines lol I am a loyal Sky Team member but I’m thinking I might have to ditch them in order for this to be affordable. Delta just quoted me some retarded figure to fly from Dubai to Santorini. I will share, they told me $2428.oo USD!!  O_o <~~ Those were my eye balls when I looked at it lol Now this is a romantic getaway, you understand. Not a Honeymoon or a Wedding destination or a proposal spot. Well who knows on the latter 😀 But to spend $10,000 on 5 days is just not happening lol No way, No How Siree!!

Still this handsome devil is luring me in…A luck has might have it though with some continuous looking I was able to find Qatar Airways for $592 USD from Dubai to Athens and then  Aegen Air from Athens to Santorini for $169 USD. These are all RT fares. I can do that but my heart is slightly breaking at the thought of the lost mileage that I wont be accruing!!

Even when I dreaming and planning my way to these love affairs, Cost is my number one concern! We all want to maximize our visits and leave thoroughly pleased with every choice we have made.

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