Happy New Years!! 2012 Has finally arrived

While many of you are recovering from your excursion of the previous night… Tending battle wounds from endeavors that are still blurry to the present memory, Many are ready to focus on the future in all its Dazzling Glamour and Shining Stars.

New Years Resolutions have been professed, Our dreams and aspirations have been voiced for this upcoming year. Failures, half accomplishments and the strides of yester year left behind in the dust!! BECAUSE THIS IS MY YEAR. This is the year I will shed that unwanted 10 pounds, get that highly sought after promotion, buy my dream house (The Real Estate Market is at its lowest!!! Right?? :-/ ) I deserve the car I have been eyeballing relentlessly for the past 36 months! 🙂 This is the year, states our 2012 New Year Resloutions. 2012 is the year that we are not only committing to what we are deeply desiring, but are admitting to the  flaws in our Follow through plan. We recognize that 2011’s failures came because we just didn’t see it through. But not 2012!!!

Flirting With Travel would like to extend our HAPPY NEW YEAR wishes to all of our Cyber Hunnies <3 . We pray that you are blessed with Prosperity, Great Health, Drive and the Will to make it through every difficult situation that presents itself. Know that we will be here through it all, and when you and I are ready to escape. To take that needed break… Our elusive high will be waiting to dance that enamoring, sexy Tango that we Flirt with Travel so frequently for 🙂

Love, MistyPooh

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