Harajuku: The first time

On my first day off, I went into Harajuku with some training mates; it was such a relief to see a building that didn’t look like it was putting on pretentions of being larger. Naturally, Harajuku was fascinating because where else do you go to see people dressed up entirely like dolls when it isn’t Halloween. In general, it is really inspiring to be somewhere where getting dressed in the morning a question, people wear heels and lace to grocery stores! There is no Walmart-wear culture here.

That is really not meant as a degrading comment to people that buy clothing from Walmart, but more the clothing that you see Walmart shoppers wear, and I am guilty of just going in my pajamas because I’m not really trying to impress anybody at Walmart. And that is the difference here, whether the people are trying to impress others, or they just would not be seen in something less than an outfit that has been meticulously coordinated; people take care to look good here. I love it and I hope to live up to those standards too. Now living around constant inspiration and not having my sewing machine is killing me, but rest assured it will be en route very soon.

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