Help Me … Pleeeaassee I have a Question!!!! Help

Ok I have a problem, I am still quite new to Word Press and cant seem to figure out how to follow just random people. Like, How do I get to your page lol I feel as if Im missing out on some incredibly informative world!

Am I the only one lost?

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  1. kermofutah
    kermofutah says:

    Oh, I’m new too, but I think I just figured this out a few days ago. I don’t know what web browser you’re using. I’m using chrome. I don’t know if it makes a difference.

    So on the main wordpress page (click the W at the top) it has tabs: new post, read blogs, freshly pressed, topics, and my blogs. You can click on either “read blogs” and it will show you some basic categories and the blogs you follow or you can click on “topics” and it will show a list of words to choose from, or you can type your own. I typed “Advice” because I was in the mood to read “Dear Abby” style blogs (I didn’t find any though). Anyway, I’m sure you can figure out the rest…to follow a blog that you like there’s a + Follow tab at the top of the page on the left side. Just click it. Hope that’s what you were asking.


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