Inbox: Ticket Confirmation!

Today is the day that marks the completion of purchasing ALLLLLLLL my plane tickets. The exhausting and tedious measures placed on buying Plane Tickets has weighed on me for the last couple months. I was insistent on a couple factors 1) Loyalty to SkyTeam, Mainly Delta  2) PRICE, Moola, Dinero, that ChaChing lol I was dedicated to,, I went faithfully twice a day clicking the submit button and anxiously waiting for the right price to just jump out at me. In all honesty, I was waiting for the steals. For the Airlines to give in to my persistence and just cut the tickets in half  lol Juuuust waiting for the moment that some person behind the ticket pricing computer to slip up and have a fat finger moment and drop a zero or lose his mind and the price cut it in half.

This DID Happened BTW. Here are the prices I secured. I did my happy feet dance every time I clicked on the Submit button to purchase my steal. Nothing could keep my inner penguin at bay knowing that I was able to redirect my funds lol Now I can shop till I drop.

I am flying China Southern Airlines From Japan to Dubai for a measely $525 buckaroos! Yes people I said $545 US Dollars lol I was on them!! It went from $1400 on Korean Air to $525 🙂 This placed a huge smile on my face. But to let you in on a little bit of trepedation, I frequently go into my Email and pull up the reservation to verify it wasnt for a trip to Antartica in 2014 lol That would just be no bueno. <~~ One of my catchphrases among many that I steal from my sisters.

Moving along, I was able to book Los Angeles, Ca to Tokyo, Japan for $600. I was excited about that as well.  #TravelTip One way tickets are always pricier that Round trips! Im not to sure on the logic seeing that you are taking up a seat either way but the Airlines feel really jipped when you dont return to your Point of Origin. Just Greed IMO

Dubai to Atlanta One way was $1340. I couldnt help that because I have time contraints placed on me and the prices were holding very steadfast. But I was checking like a Crack Fiend looking for their next hit lol J/K. The upside is that its a straight flight with no layovers and as soon as I land I am able to hit the ground running to take care of my beautification needs.

The other domestic flights were booked on Cyber Monday 11/28/11 which had tremendous flight deals. I got a One way to LA from Atlanta, GA for $150 and a RT from Atlanta to Miami for $210 including taxes. Alot of airlines were on it that day. I will give Kudos to them for that and definitely look foward to Next Cyber Monday to purchase an Around the World Plane Ticket.

All in All I should be Flying about 25,000 miles 🙂 allowing entrance into the SkyMiles Platinum Club. Brings me such joy to type that.

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  1. Love, MistyPooh
    Love, MistyPooh says:

    You know I am on my countdown. I have 8 days to Leave Afghanistan, So I started worrying that the price would skyrocket and I would have to pay and outrageous price beacuse I was so last minute!

    All in All I am ecstatic!


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