Japanese Fun Facts

I don’t know how well known it is that that the majority of Japan does not have outdoor public trash cans, but they are non existent! You literally can carry your disposed trash around all day with out finding a receptacle for it. I actually had a lesson on sorting trash last night. All of my sisters trash cans in the house are color coded to reflect paper/cardboard, plastic and regular trash. Recycling is not an option here! Lol I’m pretty sure that if they caught you not abiding by the rules, there will be little ninjas that will jump out from some dark corner and beat you with recycled nun chucks!!! Lolol 🙂 No BS!

The country itself supposedly has little to no crime, it’s common to see a man walk around ith a full wallet half way sticking out his back pocket! Now in America that would be a no no. But they feel so safe that no one will take their belongings that no second thought is cast in that direction. This is pretty amazing since the trains are continuously filled to the brim with people!

They Curry here. This huge for me because I had no idea. Talk about stereotyping!! I thought it would be nothing but sushi, not so much. In fact I really haven’t seen it around. We went to this really cute spot last night. The “Maids” (waitresses) were like real life anime characters, high energy hopping around and very animated. The restaurant was decorated like a play house where they did performances on the hour. Of course no one spoke English but you would surprised at how much can be communicated through pictures!! Check out my curry bear. I int like it but it was cute!!!

That was only day one.. I will put our itinerary up, so you can follow as we flirt!

Xoxo.. Love, MistyPooh





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