Lava Sprung Rain Forrest

Costa Rica Arenal Volcano trail walk, our tour guide Jose was so informative! He was amazing! I learned so much from him about Eco tourism, and how it has grown in Costa Rica in the last 50-60 years. The Arenal region is mixture of primal rainforrest and secondary rain forest. Jose said that the reason there are so many different species of vegetation is from the ground providing so many minerals due to the eruptions of the Volcano, the lava deposits actually left the ground extremely rich. They also have created a man made lake that is fed by 3 or 4 different rivers which in turn is used as a hydro electric damn point providing 70% of Costa Ricas electricity. The government created this and now over 90% of the country has electricity. Their land is naturally protected by the government so that nature can thrive.

Oh he also left this tid bit about the feeding the monkeys and animals to bring them out so that the tourist could see them. The tour guides found that tourist were happier when they saw the wild life. So to make the most if this the guides found that by giving the monkeys bananas it would routinely brought them out. This in turn made the monkeys no longer scared of humans and would approach for the morsels of deliciousness. What they didn’t realize is that the monkeys that are indigenous to Costa Rica have a completely different make up than those from Africa. The potassium rich fruit was hurting the stomachs of the monkeys in Costa Rica creating blockages and what not. They weren’t able to process the fruit in their stomach which began causing issues, coupled with the adverse affect is had for the generations to come, The species lost the ability to search for food and germinate the region and solely became dependent on the food that was being doled out by the humans.

An investigation was launched by the Costa Rican government which resulted in tour guides being reprimanded for further actions. They were taught the repercussion a of their actions and now you are not allowed to feed the animals in the Rain Forrest.








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