Love, Family and Travel.

I have fallen in love with a Man and yes this one is of Flesh and Bones  lol 🙂 He has kids, so this is where the family life begins I guess. What I have learned, well more come to the realization is that once you have young children the types of vacations you take change. The frequency of traveling slows and becoming responsible takes precedence. This all at first was overwhelming to say the least. I felt that my dreams of Jetsetting all over the world would have to slow down tremendously. But like anything in life we are all faced with choices. To choose to leave the situation and move on with your own selfish wants and desires or To make the choice to proceed and  endeavor on a joint venture with a person you feel completes you in life. With that being said I came to the conclusion that some vacations would be family affairs and others romantic getaways but all WILL be imaginative discoveries of far off places that will entice even the youngest to learn to love flirting with the intangible spirit of the world. We can only do Disney once lol unless its a goal to go to every Disney park int he world!! Which is actually a cool way to journal travel. See I beleive that comprimise and understanding is paramount in meshing together as a family and Couple. Learning the importance of what one needs, wants, desires should always be an underlying sentiment when growing together. So I give up some traveling and he and his kids takes on a world of undiscovered pleasures that I love. We will all grow together and take on bits and pieces of the others that we never had.

Let the journey begin…….. xoxoxoxo Dolls Love, MistyPooh

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  1. Myxl Dove
    Myxl Dove says:

    Sounds like it’s going to be quite the interesting journey. With 5 of my own, I can tell you tht the level of adventure increases exponentially with kids. 😉


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