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Dating has always been about the adventure of meeting someone new and
getting to know them on an intimate level, ultimately trying to find
the one person that is right for you… On the other hand Flirting is
the act of toying with an object with no serious intentions of really
being there forever… I prefer to Flirt than Date. With that being
said, My sister and I realized that we are not interested in being
tied down to one location, yet are enthralled by the mystique of
venturing to another land and being swept into an insatiable romance
by that particular culture, history and people.
We are 2 Young Urban Professionals that are in love with escaping our
mundane reality and flirting with the elusive nature of another’s
home. We flirt with the idea of absolute freedom and the tranquility
of traveling. We allow the wonders of the world to soothe our souls
and promises of unforeseen adventures to titillate our senses.
Please join us in our quest to quench our thirst on Flirting With Travel.

Hi my name is Misty… I currently work in Afghanistan as a Civilian
Contractor. I work 7 Days a week, 12 hours a day. As you could
imagine, I get extremely burnt out by this but hey this is my line of
work and I do what I have to do. I’m probably not too different from
you, working to make my life better yet desiring more than this day in
and day out routine. I get through my days by fantasizing about my
next encounter with this elusive love and how I can find my next heart
break. I Flirt With Travel because there are way too many destinations
on this planet for me to just give my heart to one. Wherever I go I
fall in love, and whenever I leave my heart breaks. But it’s all
mended at the sight of the next sexy destination. What can I say; I
wear my heart on my sleeve lol …

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    • Love, MistyPooh
      Love, MistyPooh says:

      I work on the LogCap4 contract in Afghanistan. Its one of the largest contracts awarded from the Government. I am in logistics. That was a very vague answer butyou can always google for more info.


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