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One thing that’s important to know is that all contributors on Flirting With Travel absolutely love Apple products. I thought traveling with an iPhone was convenient, then I took my first trip with the iPad, and oh man, that was a game changer.

So, it stands to reason that traveling with the combination is amazing. Aside from the constant Internet connectivity, to things like maps, safari, translation dictionaries, you have a great iCompanion.

Yet, Apple has added on more item that makes life so much iEasy. I recently bought the camera connectivity kit. I can plug my camera into my iPad, and and load pictures from there. This was I can easily share pictures with you and friends without the bulk of carrying my laptop.

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference.



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  1. Carol McLendon
    Carol McLendon says:

    That’s way cool…. It’s just too bad that technology is moving so fast that those trinkets will be outdated in a few months…..


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