Missed Trains and Delayed Planes: Getting to Thailand

Thailand has been a long adventure.  Somehow this eight-day vacation managed to fly by, but at the same point when I look back it feels like leaving Narita Airport was an eternity ago. 

I have had an absolutely awesome time, but I think things could go either way in Thailand.  My great experience was thanks in the largest part to spending the last eight-days with my sister.  We had the roughest experience with getting here. My flight left on December 28 from Tokyo, but for monetary reasons I had to do a night’s layover in Guanzhou, China.  This was made infinitely better because China Southern Airlines will give you a free hotel if you have to stay overnight.  It was such a pleasant surprise to me.  I had been mentally preparing myself for sleeping on an airport bench and arriving in Thailand wrinkled and unwashed.  That free hotel was quite a classy move.  
Granted, the hotel was off-site and pretty far so.  They gave us a shuttle to the hotel and it didn’t look bad.  It looked like the shell of what could be a nice hotel undergoing some serious pre-renovation jitters.  What looked like the dining room was emptied out and filled with crates and boxes, the stair-well next to the elevator looked like it was transporting you to some dark alley in the town of rapeville, but yay, I took the elevator.  When we checked in they required everyone to hand over their boarding pass; I was so relieved to find out I wasn’t the only person who found this super shady. But I was exhausted and didn’t fight them on it, but I definitely couldn’t get a full answer due to the language barrier. When I first went to my room, it looked okay, but it hadn’t  been cleaned. I go downstairs, and they tell me I have to wait for about a half an hour. I couldn’t think of a situation where at 10pm a hotel could check you into a dirty room. Nevertheless, I waited my 30 minutes and came back into a clean room.  
That all was very tame compared to the nail biter that was day  two of my vacation.  Misty and I were both coming from cold climates.  Granted Tokyo is chilly right now, but I don’t have to contend with the snow that Misty is dealing with.  Basically, we were both flying on the 28th and we were scheduled to actually make it to Bangkok on the 29th.  
I knew for sure that I would make it, but because of inclement weather, I was worried that Misty wouldn’t even get as far as Dubai.  I woke up in the morning and used the hotel wifi to tell her that I was about to go to the airport and I had no Internet connection there, so we wouldn’t speak until I was in Bangkok, but I had no idea what was happening with her flight.  That was the last I heard from her.  I am on the flight wondering what I do if she is delayed a day.  We had bus tickets down to Suratthani and a ferry over to Koh Samui that had already been paid for.  The bus was leaving with or without us, and would be driving away with my money because it was too short notice to try to cancel.  The bus was small beans compared to the three-night stay in the Samui Paradise hotel that was booked on my credit card.  That was also too short notice to actually cancel and get any money back.  
This is where I find myself making life decisions on the person I want to be. Would I be a terrible sister for taking that bus? Am I already an awful sister for even considering it?  Would I be a fool to flush money down the toilet by choosing not to go ahead to Koh Samui and see Misty when or if she actually makes it there. I go through all these questions whilst walking through customs in Bangkok.  The line is long, everything is moving slowly, and I start talking to this couple on vacation and they look more than a little worried that I, as a female, would be traveling in Thailand on my own over New Year’s. In my mind I speculate that surely it can’t be that dangerous if I weren’t to engage in any high-risk activities.  
After being wracked with all the questions, I deal with trying to get wifi in the airport.  There is a wifi labeled airport free wifi, but it won’t let me sign on to use it.  That is super frustrating because I don’t know what has changed with Misty between 6:15 this morning and 10:50 still in the morning.  So I walk out of security just praying that I can get in touch with her or at least that she had sent me a message saying that she caught a later flight and would be there in time for us to take this bus, therefore making all of my nerves for naught.  
This is when I hear a voice call out my name.  I look up to see Misty standing by the carousel where my luggage is at.  There was just so much relief, and also more than a little confusion.  It felt very much like the scene in the Emporer’ New Groove where Kronk is trying to explain how he beat Kuzco and Pacha back to the lair despite being exponentially behind them.  I decide this is just a time to thank God for small miracles and accept that she is here and hopefully this vacation can only go uphill from tht point.  
Now my trip to the airport was one of mental strain, Misty had a whole different experience that made my journey sound like a walk in the park.  
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