Mmmmm tap dancing crabs!

Sometimes traveling can happen in the kitchen. Lately I have become a Seafood Boil fanatic. The funny thing is that, I’m not to hot on Seafood. Neither is my older brother, in fact he said years ago he was mentally scarred and doesn’t think he will ever rightfully rebound. The story is as follows, our mother was going to make 2 whole crabs for dinner. After finding 2 succulent, gorgeous crabs that were frozen she bought them and headed home placing them in the freezer. Later she told my brother to take them out to thaw, doing as told he approaches the freezer and hears a tapping noise. Not really understanding what the noise was he ignored it and proceeded to open the freezer door and saw empty crab packaging, perplexed he blinked only to see a semi thawed crab falling out the freezer moving around frantically lol 🙂 needless to say he screamed like a little girl and ran!!! Lol But that southern twang seems to be callin my name. Slow graceful moving hips New Orleans, LA has been my motivation. Flavored everything tickling my taste buds, paired with some earthy jazz, pop a cork of your favorite red wine and just season. Hot, humid and sticky, nostrils dancing from all the spices! I get to do two of my favorite things… Travel and cook!






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