Oh the Decisions!

I just realized that I will be able to leave from Dubai on the 10th of Jan if I wanted to. Can you imagine the oversight if I hadnt figured that out!!! My dilema now is that I love Dubai, but the flight to the States is 15 hours long. Actually, Im not sure if I mentioned that I work Overseas.. Hmm well I work in lovely Afghanistan just as an FYI… Now that we have that little tid bit out the way, should I just knock my beautification out in Dubai, or go ahead fly to the states and contribute to the American economy lol Ohh the decisions!!!!  I frequent Dubai often, so I have all the neccisities discovered and am loyal to them. Oh plus the shopping is amazing ;). I have never met a culture that thoroughly enjoys shopping the way it is in the UAE. I will definitely Blog on their malls once I am there, I am a self proclaim Shopping Addict. I even have my very SA (Shoppers Anonymous) partner 🙂 Whenver I am in the malls I always look at the women in full Burka and recall the scene from Sex and the City 2 where they unrobbed and showed off their fierce fashonista styles! I imagine that at least 60% of the women have a fly wardrobe.

The main point is that I still have time to keep my current reservation and stay and accomplish my transformation immediately. I have to scrub the afghanistan dirt off to unviel a brand new person lol or change my ticket to depart the night of the 10th and fly home for the Makeover…. What to do????

Love, MistyPooh

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  1. Carol McLendon
    Carol McLendon says:

    I think of you too when watching “Sex In The City”….. What will you do when you leave that area of the world ????…:-)


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