Prepping for China


As I’ve mentioned before I am planning a trip to China. There were a few hiccups on the way, but I am now 80% certain it is happening. (nothing is ever really certain until money has been paid). The money I paid today was for my re-entry permit. Basically, if you are in Japan on a visa and leave the country without getting permission to re-enter, your visa is voided and you face possible deportation.

This system will actually change in July, unfortunately for me, my vacation is in May. So, I’m chilling at the immigration office right now.

The entire process is pretty painless, I filled out my paperwork, the form is in Japanese and English. Waited in like for about 7 minutes to have my paperwork looked over. They took my passport and gave me a number, plus told me that while I waited I should run up to the second floor and pay for my revenue stamp. Super simple.

Now here’s the flip side. I got here at 11:40. The entire office takes lunch between 12:00 and 1:00. So I have an hour to wait. Guess it never occurred to them to work in shifts and rotate lunch breaks. My definite advice, should you find yourself living in Japan, and then should you find yourself taking a trip out of the country, and furthermore should you find yourself getting a re-entry permit from the Shin Yurigaoka office before July of this year, if all those circumstances line up for you, go early or after 1.



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