Qatar through my eyes

As promised, I have attached some photos of Qatar. I worked there for about 4 months and can say that I enjoyed myself. You are allowed to drink, they do have lounges and bars. Although all are in the major hotels. Still unlike Kuwait, you have the luxury to sip an adult beverage while unwinding. I will say the no smoking laws haven’t really passed to middle eastern establishments so be prepared to leave smelling like a dirty discarded ashtray lol

While living there we did attempt the club scene with my coworkers one night lol interesting to say the least. I intentionally bought a dress that came to my knees because I knew that it was still a Muslim country and I wanted no troubles, Especially since I was there on a work Visa.

So the story ensues as such, there was a group of about 10 people hitting the town. We all caught taxis (the preferably cheaper mode of transportation) to the Ramada to head to what everyone professes to be the most “happening spot” in Doha, Qatar. Once there we walk in and headed to the location that was down some stairs and conveniently tucked off in a corner. Very similar to how they hide swine (pork) in the grocery stores!! This process was kind of time-consuming. You proceed to buy a card which is like a membership. Now I learned that every time you went to one of these clubs, lounges, bars you had to have a membership card that cost and have to be able to show some sort of Qatari residency or give your passport. Once you go through what feels like a TSA experiences lol you are ushered out and wait in line for the club. Well while we were walking towards the line, I can only assume to refer to this gentleman as a promoter, walks over and in hushed tones tells me that my dress is to short and I would need to wrap this scarf around the bottom of my dress to meet the appropriate lengths!!! Caveat: the middle east is an extremely chauvinistic area in my opinion. They rarely will speak to a woman so while he was talking to me, he was actually directing his attention to one of the guys in my group, cutting his eyes back at me for emphasis of the problem lol as if he would make sure his directions were enforced!! The nerve!

Let’s bear in mind that my dress is a silky material and the scarf is sliding down due to it not being long enough to wrap around my waist and cover more skin than my dress already was covering. This leaves me having to constantly adjust it. We moved to the entrance of the club and while they were wanding the guys, I took this as my opportunity to adjust the scarf in the mirror. Maybe I could see something that would help me keep it in place. It was becoming aggravating to constantly keep tying it!!! But to the hooligans untrained eyes they thought I was taking the wrap off and silently saying screw their cultures rules lol I argued relentlessly with this man who I was keeping it on but he tuned me out and talked to the guy standing next to me stating I was not going to be admitted entrance into the disco Lolol ::shrugs:: The night was destined to go on Thank God. We just sauntered up stairs to the bar ate some cake drank our hearts out till last call and got kicked out the hotel. It was great 🙂 I’m sure they thought we were arrogant Americans lol so we lived up to the standard lol

I forgot to mention, while outside in our intoxicated states we got taken advantage of and rode back in the “luxury” cars lol tripled the rate on us!! Good times lol



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