Shop Shop Shop til You Drop




That one word warms my heart 🙂 There is an inexplicable joy that comes over me from purchasing items I just know that I NEED to have!! See in life everything can fall into two basic categories. Wants and Needs. Needs are defined as a requirement, necessary duty, or obligation. To be able to sustain in life you NEED water, an edible source of nutrition and water. Where as Wants are defined as To desire greatly; wish for. You might want some juice or Koolaid, but all you really need is water to sustain your being lol  


Needless to say, Shopping is a universal joy that many take part in. There is no where that I could travel to in the world and not be able to partake in this festivity. It’s almost like you could say its a common denominator in all cultures, similar to a universal language. From the over inflated steroid enhanced Mega Shopping malls to the local markets of hand-made garments and goods. Barter or Buying every person can understand the basic concept of Shopping…


When I travel, I rarely buy lots of souvenirs. Rather I try to find things that will help me remember special things about trip. Things that I will use and make me smile, Like Yeah I was there!! From Japan I bought Chop Sticks~ Miami I have a Sexy and I know it T-Shirt lol This is sentimental becuase that became the shirt of the trip!! Jamaica I have a straw basket, Memorable due to the harrassment that we recieved at the Straw Market.




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