Standing Room Only, Hopefully not! Club Liv or Club Play SoBe!!

Hiiii World 🙂

I have been going crazy with my research for Miami!!! lol I’ve been reading review after review after review on Clubs, Lounges, Hotels .. Really just things to do in general lol I am so dedicated to the idea of having an Epic trip that I don’t want to have a misstep. Now, like I have previously stated, I don’t believe in planning every step of your trip, But it is IMPERATIVE to have an idea of the City you are going into and what happens there.

I would like to do Bottle service at a club, but I also want it to be Poppin, Happening, You know where FUN is at!!!!! Currently I am in love with Club Play and Club Liv. Liv though is suuuuuuper expensive! Located in the Phenominal Fontaine Bleu, the repuation of the place preceeds itself. Known to attract international Celebreties on any given night, the Club promotes fanfare by keeping loooooong lines outside, Expesive tables and a pricey bar. The stature of Beauty is the typical Gorgeous faces that Miami Boast. I have been reading varying reviews saying that they paid anywhere from $4,000 to upwards $10,000 for their little piece of Heaven and a table :D. I would love to be that liberal lol but Mama’s got bills and Grown up responsibilities!! lolol The cover starts at $40 for Ladies and $60 and upwards for Men from what I have seen. Drinks seemed super pricey at $18 and up for a mixed drink. I do know that I cant stand all night. Not in 4-5 inch heels, regardless of how amazing my buzz will be. These precious tootsies just cant take that!

Here are a couple of pictures of Club Liv. Everyone raves about the Beautiful people, amazing Decor and Awesome DJ!!

Club Play on the other hand, is in the SoBe region and still pulls in amazing people. I saw they have Hip Hop nights on Saturday and Salsa on Saturdays. I really would love to do an Authentic Salsa place in Miami. I will have to google that as well lol. But the reviews on Club Play say Bottle service is a little more affordable around $300-$400 a bottle. The Bar prices range for 14-20 a Drink. Cover Charge is around $25 for Ladies and starting at $50 for Men. I read that depending on what is going on it can rocket all the way to a couple hundred dollars.

Everyone says in order to thoroughly enjoy yourself you need to get Bottle Service. Like Vegas (Which I’m from) there is really no seating areas for General Admission <~~ Yes that's what you are if you didn't buy a seat 🙂 lol Nature of the beast, No judgement passed if you choose not to pay all that $$$ (Cha CHing) for a table. I totally understand. But a seat is definetly worth all the fanfare!!

So this leaves to choosing which Upscale joint I want to rock with!! Ohh I also am going to check out Mynt Lounge, they had some dope reviews as well. Very Upscale for nightlife and hard to get into. More to come on day time events…

Love, MistyPooh

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