The Visa Debacle

Visa, every where you want to be!! Ya Damn skippy lol but in this case it’s not about the credit card, its about this stupid Multi Entry Exit Visa for Qatar!!! The freakin bane of my existence. The last week and a half have been consumed of plans for my escape!!! I bragged and rubbed it in people’s faces that I would be in Qatar for a week just chilling. Doing absolutely nothing except listening to some boring briefs and then sitting by the pool lol there is no greater joy than to relax by the pool sipping on a refreshing beverage in my opinion. But nooooooooooooo the Qatar government didn’t want that. They decided to make me sit my over privileged American ass down in Afghanistan and continue to suffer lol

When I tell you I was on some Bill Collector harassment ish you better believe it. I was literally calling the Qatari Consulate top of the hour every hour leaving creepy voice mails begging Muhammad Hussein Ahkbar (fictitious name btw, I don’t really remember it I have been in a daze) to give me a visa. I think when I finally got through to him, he instantly recognized my voice and told me “no ma’am you cannot come to this country, or I’ll deport you myself!!! In fact I could get in trouble just by talking to you. Do you want to be blacklisted from this country ma’am??” slightly appalled but still desperate I replied DEPORTED!!! I’m American dammit lol He then promptly told me he could offer me no help and bid a good day. Needless to say I’m defeated. I called the US Embassy in DC, Kabul and Dubai plus checked with the Qatar consulate in DC and Qatar. Called the Air Force Base in Qatar far more times than I will admit and came up short, defeated, empty, just a loser lol

Due to the Al Udied AF Base being a non American base they came up with the new visa for Americans flying through the base. I personally feel it was all for money but hey who am I? But a defeated American who can’t enjoy her pool side time. Better luck next time I suppose… ::sigh:: Visa every where you want to be lmao!!!

Ciao my Flirts

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