To Luxury or To Sport.. That is the question?

My poderances as of late have been what kind of Vehicle to rent while I am in Atlanta. Ultimately this is the City that I am interested in settling down in. So driving around and becoming familiar one trip at a time is a notion I should become comfortable with…

Renting Vehicles has always served a dual purpose: an extended test drive of a potentially new vehicle I will someday purchase or a means to an end in quick trip transportation. I love my own car so I have never had the urge to just rent a car to rent a car 🙁 Plus I can’t fathom frivolously spending One months car note in a week on something that doesn’t belong to me. Caveat, I do choose my Rental Dealership through whatever SkyMiles is deeming worthy of giving Flight Miles away for lol This is how I operate, I’m a miles hoarder.It’s a disease, when I’m older I might look into it lol Or maybe not because I will have so many miles stashed I’ll be on someones remote island sipping delious rum flavor daquiris out of various fruit shells 😀 Some people worry about their babies health or how their daycare is treating their precious children, I choose to worry about whether or not my next purchase will give me the miles necessary to get to the next coveted level within Delta. Lol I definitely have my priorities together, wouldn’t you say so?? 🙂

I am in between the Luxury/Prestige category or the Sports Category. I am in La La Loooooove with the 2011 Dodge Challenger. They look so sleek, reminiscent of the spirit of old Muscle cars. Beautiful – Strong – Hemi filled – Push Start- Decked out Electronic Console and Dash… Just sends chills through my body. I could pretend Im in the Fast and Furious, Darting through traffic at 5 Pm on  I-85 wind blowing through my hair… Hmmm well maybe not, ill run into the parkinglot Rush hour traffic, that is pretty bad in the City. But I could definitely be a fierce Sex and the City Extra stepping out my Shiny New rental. 🙂 Or should I be more sophisticated and grown and gofor a Premium vehicle.

Boooooooooooy, Let me tell you. I just finished googling and oogling pictures of the insides of a CTS and man! I’m SOLD lol The seats look like they would just hold you until you submitted to a peaceful slumber while you were maneuvered to your final destination. The Cadillac CTS or STS are nice but prices $600/ wk. This my friends is a Car note… and as I type I am coming to the realization that this rental price violates one of my principles in not paying a Monthly Car note on a Vehicle that doesn’t have my name on the Title 😀 Glad I realized that!! But still, My parents will be in town visiting and im not sure if they will feel the same way I feel about the Challenger. Especially climbing out the back of the 2 door Coupe lol Thats really not the image of Grown and Sexy HaHa

Hertz is offering 2000 miles towards my account if I rent with them, plus they offer a discount. But not on the Luxury car, the discount that is. I would still receive the Miles (YaaaaY) Enterprise seemed to have the better pricing plus Car selection that I found on I’m not sure what to do now. I am in a pickle?? Thoughts, Please share!!!

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