Welcome to the USA

Greetings from Dubai 🙂 this is like my second home.. Well really the middle east is more my second home as a whole.

My travels have been a tad rocky. Everything has been under a rushed affect. I began my travel on the 9th with a 0800 Showtime. Showtimes are just checking in a couple hours before your flight arrives. Let me back up, I worked my normal 12 hour shift and got off at 7 had to run to my room. Finish squeezing things in the bag zip it up grab my other bag and Kevlar (helmet) and IBA ( vest) and head to check in. There we do the typical hurry up and wait thing that is big with the military.

As we sit waiting to be driven up tithe aircraft, we see 3 fire trucks and 2 smaller fire trucks rush to the tarmac as a shanook begins its descent. This scene starts to play out and I get frightful that they are shutting Down the runway due to some serious mechanical error. All it would take is for a fire to erupt. That would be the end of fixed wing aircrafts landing for at least 1 day!!

I was able to overcome the 20 hour day of traveling and clearing and then faced another 20 hour day and finally landed in the states!!!!

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