Flirting With Travel is a weekly podcast by three sisters who ❤️ traveling the 🌍 and want to share their stories of success, failures, and tips to help you navigate the globe easier.  

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**For the fashionable, wanderlust soul who makes traveling a lifestyle**

“Traveling is like flirting with life. It’s like saying, ‘I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station.”

 Lisa St. Aubin de Teran


Misty is the connoisseur of street food, nightlife, and luxury travel. She can direct you to the best hotels in any city and has all the tea on business and first class flying.

Having served in the United State Army for 9 years, deploying twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom she has become adept at flexibility; moving on to become a US Government Contractor, honing her skills to manage large scale logistics operations.

When she is not working, her love for travel fuels her to scour the world soaking up culture and binging on street food.

Instagram: @mis_queen_tingz


D’Ambe is the consummate adventure traveler. While planning an itinerary is nowhere near her strong suit, she travels with a go-with-the-flow traveltude.

Adventure travel is her niche. Whether its zip lining through the Cost Rican rainforest or braving a snowstorm in the Andes to stargaze from a hot spring, she’s not afraid to embrace a new location.

She applies that spirit of adventure to her hair on her YouTube channel, Hair Me Roar, where she takes you on a journey of her hair woes and successes. Ultimately, D’Ambe hopes to show the freedom and excitement that can come from travel with a “say yes” attitude. 

Instagram: @d_bayb


Lexee’s travel philosophy lives at the intersection of budget and boujee. A card-carrying member of team carryon, she’s got the airline worker, standby flight game on lock.

In between achieving her goal to travel to 30 countries by 30 years old, she earned her bachelor’s degree in merchandising and advertising, lived as an expat in Japan teaching conversational English, and currently works in the airline industry.

Building detailed itineraries for new destinations is her second favorite past time, wandering the streets and museums of a foreign place is her first.

Instagram: @lexeem


Ruel is the tropical island born animator & filmmaker whose philosophical objective is to combine his love of traveling with a passion for storytelling. He’s all about soaking in the creative energy.

With over 15 years of experience as an animator within the VFX Industry, Ruel has worked on such projects as; Black Panther, Jungle Book, Gears Of War, Avengers, Captain Marvel, Daredevil TV Show, MLK for Time Magazine, and the Griffith’s Observatory New Planetary Show. 

He is the behind the lens member of the FWT group and spends his time capturing the Trill-est Travel Trio to touch a flight!”

Instagram: @reelruel